2010 President's Report
The University of Portland


CLASS OF 1970-- 19% participation

Tom and Marilyn Keenan
Michael and Joyce Leppert13
Dick and Jacque Louie
Richard and Susan Mahlmann
John and Mary Lynn McManamin18


Les and Kathleen Alberque
Jim and Marie Anstett28
Susan Backlund
Don and Jeanne Barnes
Judy Bell16
Terry and Kathy Briscoe15
Jim and Jerri Carleton12
Stephen and Gracie Connell
Walter and Elee Dowan
Marvin and Corda Dunstan28
David and Nalana Dzivak
Bill and Michele Failing
Douglas and Beth Feller
Larry and Deborah Ferschweiler17
Clayton and Jo Ann Furukawa
Larry and Deborah Gallagher
Ron and Tuni Garrigues
John Gray
Don and Claudia Heacock
Alexis Kane
Julie Kawabata
Dennis and Diana Keenan23
John and Mary Keith19
Dan and Anne Kelleher
Annette Lackaff
Gail Lawler
Ed and Kathleen LemmaH
Keith and Sandra Lerch
Dr. Menachem and Miriam Levitas
Gary and Gloria Lisignoli
Deeta Lonergan
Kenneth and Helen MacDonald
Paul and Anchalee Madden16
Maura Madden Donovan
Bill and Darlene Marick
Col. Pete Marty, Jr., USAF (Ret.)15
Michael and Paula McVay
James and Kathy Moran
Shawn Mosey
Mary K. O'Sullivan
Dale and Gail Prill
Marilyn Roggenkamp
Ryan and Cynthia Sale
Robert and Sandra Sheehan
Walter and Mary Shepard
Thomas and Jane Sommer
Stanley Sowa, Jr. and Melanie Sowa
Lt. Col. Joe and Patricia Staeheli
Phil Stauffer
Kathleen Sullivan11
Richard and Mona Teebay11
Gregory and Linda Teske28
Ron and Anita Tienhaara
Jim Weatherby, Jr. and Rozy Weatherby
Rev Gabriel Weber, OSM
David Willis, M.D. and Margy Willis
Len and Liz Zander16
William and Patricia ZeppP

CLASS OF 1971-- 18% participation
Jack Block28

Matt and Lillian ChapmanP 11


Jerry Anderson and Dr. Marla Salmon10
Barbara Chester10 H
Jim Frank
Michael and Joyce Leppert13
Lynn Marks
Thomas Rafferty, M.D. and Kathleen Rafferty
Fred Stifter and Regina Tozar-Stifter17


Otto Allison, III and Michelle Allison
Dr. Herbert and Betty Anderson
Charles Bacon, Jr. and Justina Bacon21
W. Dave and Jean Baker19
Kevin and Janet Belton
John Berglund, Jr. and Judith Berglund16
Tim Bergquist, Ph.D.
David Blair, PEP
Frank and Lynne Bocarde13
Dr. Bernadette Brooten23 H
Lt. Col. Manuel and Melanie Buzo10
Rev. James Church
Stephen and Gracie Connell
Catherine Donahue
Rose Marie Driessen11
Dick and Gerri Endean16
Charlotte Graham19
Jim and Pamela Haines18
Jeffrey Hammer and Susan Dewey-Hammer
Patrick and Melinda Hannigan
Paul and Sharyl HarrisonP
Dennis and Lorraine Hartmann
Roy and Cindy HeikkalaP
Dorothy Henifin
Howard and Nori Heuberger
Roberta Hutton
Gary and Cindy Jensen
William and Laverne Jordan
Ken and Kathleen Kadera
Florentino and Christy Kimpo
Fred Kramer, Ph.D. and Eunice Kramer
John and Sandy LaPlante
Greg and Kathleen Letts
Michael and Pamela Manning
Kim and Jane Matusek20
William Mayclin
Randy Navarra and Danielle Engels
Michael Noonan11
Mike and Kathy Nugent
Tom Palmesano
Susan Pennel
Albert and Silvia Pichardo
Roy and Lauralee Reinhart
Hal and Ann RoseneP
Lt. Col. Thomas and Filomena Rothschild
Tomas Ryan
Ruth Sandvik24
Greg and Maureen Schopf
Kathy Shores
Steve and Kathleen Sischka
Buzz Stroud
Randy Wachter and Stephanie Dever-Wachter
Mike and Jeanette Weatherby
Ronald Welsh
Karl Wetzel, Ph.D. and Barbara Wetzel
Brian and Mary Jane Williams11

CLASS OF 1972-- 16% participation

Al Auyeung and Mae Au13
Michael Ferneding
Bob and Christann HigleyH
Thomas Rafferty, M.D. and Kathleen Rafferty
Bill and Suzanne ReedP 24


Margaret Ahern13
Jim and Marie Anstett28
Sr. Joan Berger, SNJM
Larry and Diane Blankenship
Lt. Col. Manuel and Melanie Buzo10
Lt. Col. Tom Charters, USAF (Ret.) and Belinda Charters
Dr. Thomas Cherry
Stuart and Linda Crosby
Paul and Corrine Crowner
Michael Dague and Muffy Curtis, M.D.
Michael Darcher and Dr. Joanne LisoskyH
Scott and Ellen Dutton
Robert and Pamela Fisher20
Diana Foran
Bill Grace and Marcia Mitchell
Jim and Pamela Haines18
Ronald and Patricia Hart
Doug and Patsy Hunt11
Roger Jolma and Rebecca Fisher
Eugene and Theresa Kennedy
Cynthia Killip
Tom Konecny
Luis Machorro and Christine Hedensten
Kevin and Susan Magin
Maureen McElligott28
Elwood and Sharon Miller
Jim and Judy Nuccio
Mike Olson, USAF (Ret.) and Lois Olson
Linda Palandri
Bernice Pluchos
Theresa Rebar
Mark Reiger and Sharon Heim
Doug and Diane Rex24
Bill Ristau
Maureen Sloan
Tony and Jacqueline Staley
Dr. Ed and Elizabeth Temple
W. Michael and Candy Turay
Ross Warner and Margorie Keene
Charles and Shira Wight
Ronald and Nelma Ziegler

CLASS OF 1973-- 19% participation

Ralph and Sandi Miller18 H
Jim Nondorf and Eunie O'Connor-Nondorf10
Michael and Darnell OfferP 28


Ron and Terri Bernards18
Tom and Marilyn Keenan
Steve and Kathleen Mahaney10
Msgr. Timothy MurphyP


Clifton Bauer, Sr. and Mary Bauer
Frank and Julie Bernards28
Larry and Diane Blankenship
Laura Boitano19
Kenneth Brooks and Susan Burton
Bob and Mary Brown
Ken and Marybeth Buck
Steve and Jane Busse
John and Christy Carmichael
Lorna Choy
Bill Cullen28
Dennis and Norma Daly
Martin and Peggy Dollar
Kaemerz and Havovi Dotiwala
James and Jean Endy28
Harvey Hewett, Jr.
Judy Higgens
Barbara Hollcraft
Steve and Ruth Kaser
Sr. Fran Kearney, SNJM
Dr. Stephen and Jackie Kelley
Scott Lake, Jr. and Diane KoosedP
Brian and Mary Lally18
Daniel and Karen Leedom
John and Ann Manassero16
Michael and Christine Martin
Robert and Kathleen Nerenberg
Tony and Sharon Nicola
Demetrios Nikas and Cathy Degan Nikas
William and Mary O'Donnell14
Gerald and Ines Olson
Gary and Karen Pendergast
Randy and Molly Ranken
Phillip and Deborah Reddy
William and Marilyn Robb
Michael and Linda Roholt
Douglas Schmitz and Barbara O'Toole-Schmitz
Dale Schoonover and Susanne Rigert
Sr. Celine Schumacher, SSND
Frank and Mary Scotto
Harry Smith, III and Barbara Smith
Bill Stack and Rebecca Shoemaker
Susie Stewart
Joseph Sudomir
JeRome Tarver
Steven Ullrich
Alan and Beverly Unger
Jean Waldo
Bob and Luanna Walters
Stuart and Sharon Watson
David White and Michelle De La Vergne
Patrick and Jeanne Wieber
Greg Zancanella

CLASS OF 1974-- 12% participation

John and Debbie Haner10
Michael and Sharon Malone18


Jerry and Susan Alexander
Jack and Elizabeth Babb
Terry and Claire Beck16
Clifford and Sharon Cabe
Bill Caldwell, Jr. and Pat Caldwell
Maria Chinakos
Jim and Denise Ciciora
Michael Dietrich and Kathy Mahaffy-Dietrich
William Duncan, Jr. and Phyllis Duncan
Dennis and Nancy Forrester
Mark and Katherine Frandsen
Christie Geary-Johnson
Andy and Julie Gelbman
Ernest and Klaras Ihnken
Harriet Jackson
Duane and Teresa Johnson
Donna Johnson
Robert KabeisemanH
Paul and Karen Kirsch
Al and Connie Kitzmiller17
Cynthia Lacro
Bud and Didi Lucas
Jerry and Maggie McEniry
Larry and Monica Mueller
Cassandra Nair
Dick O'Donnell and Dr. Beulah Mitchell
Gerald and Ines Olson
Tom and Sue O'Malley
Ron and Christine Parno
Anthony Pepin and Marie Hollinshead
Dr. Joseph and Nancy Pulito
Les Rivera and Gloria Duarte-Rivera
Edward and Judy Robbins
Daniel and Marylen Robinson
Juan and Alyce Rodriguez
Mary Schoessler
Jim and Marcia Solberg
John and Mary Jo Steele
Kenneth and Billie Voss11
Bob and Sharon Wiskocil

CLASS OF 1975-- 15% participation

Harold and Annie BuellP 13
Lt. Col. Michael Carney, USAF (Ret.)
Don and Ann Lynch


Michael and Jeanie Coates
Joe and Frances KellerP 28
Steve and Kathleen Mahaney10
Norman and Louella Webb15


Brad and Susan Aspell
Edward Campbell, IV and Kathleen Campbell
Philippe Chao
Carl Cooke
Jock Coombe, II14
Sheldon and Marilyn Crop
Dale and Mary Jo+ Derby
Daniel Driscoll, III and Michelle Driscoll
David Ford
James and Lorraine Griffin
Gary and Kathy Grisanti
David Haide
Bryan+ and Anne Johnston
David and Janet Johnstone
Taylor and Mary Kendall
Roderich and Carol Kiel19
George Krantz11
Randall Le Neve
Bob and Jennie Little
Frank Mascola, Sr. and Sharon Mascola
Eileen McDermott
Peter McGoeyP 11 H
Paul and Suzanne McKenzie
Duane Mitchell
Jerry and Cathy Montague
Robert and Peggy Nitschke
Michael and Julie O'Connor
Michael O'Donnell
Ron Oliver
George and Sherrie Proffitt
Doug Provine and Charlotte Better13
Jeff and Jean Reed
Harlen Rice and Lourdes Sunga Aguas Rice
Michael and Martha Runyan
David Ryan, III and Melanie Ryan
David Stangland, M.D. and Catherine Driscoll Stangland16
John and Mary Jo Steele
Nancy Thorson
Lee and Frances Van Hess
Frank and Mary Vaz
Paul and Rosemary Westby
Robert and Cynthia Weston
Jacqueline Williams

CLASS OF 1976-- 16% participation

Ken Elam and Shannon Fitzgerald
Genevieve Housen
John and Del Keller12
Patrick and Katherine Sheehy


Maj. James Anway, Jr. and Karen Anway
Kathy Barry
Linda Beasley-Freeman22
Robert and Maria Boiles14
Ford Bracy
Bill Caldwell, Jr. and Pat Caldwell
James Campbell, Jr. and Maria Campbell
Karen Campbell
Tse-Tsu Chu and Alva Fukunaga-Chu
Michael and Kathleen Cleavenger17
Ted and Barbara Clifford
Kathleen Cochran
Bryan and Connie Courtney
Pamela Cruckshank
Henry and Candayce Detloff
Verne Duncan, Ph.D. and Donna Duncan
Debra Duso, RN
Rick and Kay Fletcher
Ian and Nancy Gilfillan
Warren and Ruth Good
Frank Grace
Mary Grant
Maur Horton and Vicki Frey-Horton
Chris and Holly Iburg
Ronald and Roberta Janssen11
David and Suzanne Krause
Mary Loos
Merv and Terry Lynch
Dave LyonsP
Capt. Tom Manning, M.D. USPHS and Barbara Manning
Hugh McKenna and Andrea Kennet
David and Marilyn Mears
Gus and Adrienne Miller
Tony Morin and Joyce Powell-Morin
Lt. Col. George Mounce, III, USAF (Ret.) and Priscilla Mounce28
Michael and Arlette Nelson
John Nesbitt28
Michael and Mary Orth
Thomas and Lori Quinlan
Melanie Raies
Hal and Ann RoseneP
Rock and Christy Sander
Roger Schlesinger and Dr. Mary Watrous-Schlesinger
Paula Shifley
George and Lois Shull
Maj. Robin Taylor
Robert and Joanne Tobin
Den Torresdal and Leslie Hulton, M.D.P 16
Richard Walker 12
Susie Walker
Leslie and Mary Jo Watkins13
Marian Watkins
Louis and Pat Wolfrom
Jeffrey Wurms and Leslie Burton
Frank and Shirley Yazalina

CLASS OF 1977-- 15% participation
Bill Robbins and Sharon VanSickle-Robbins14


Lynette Jones-Baucke
Gregory Traxler
Darryl and Teresa Wong


David and Laura Alford28
Jeffrey and Bess Austin
Lyndal and Janine Ayers13
Capt. John and Carol Bray
Mike Collins
Margaret Connelly
Alice DeVitoH
Frank DulcichH
Steve and Kimberly Feltz
Jim Franklin
Peter and Pamela Garrow
David and Michelle Graham
Bonnie Grasty
Scott and Janice Gratton
Gregory and Deborah Harp10
Jim Hawkins and Donna Gates Hawkins, RN
Donald Hood and Michelle Haun-Hood, RN
Thomas and Peggy Hunt
Wayne Inman14
Liz James24
Roger Johnson
Joan Kauth
Robert and Phyllis King
Kathy Kraus
Dennis and Mary Kyle
Richard Leipzig
LTC Norma Lloyd, USA (Ret.)
Maureen Maag
Harry and Susan Mackin
Raymond and Leslie Meads
Ed and Mary Medak
Randall and Janice Miller
Richard Moss18
Lt. Col. George Mounce, III, USAF (Ret.) and Priscilla Mounce28
Yosh Nakano
Tom and Rhonda Orazio14
Michael and Mary Orth
Bruce Rasche, II
Rock and Christy Sander
Lewis and Judith Schatz
Robert and Maureen Schroeder10
Frank and Mary Scotto
Allan and Lynn Spitzer
Lynne Stacy
Harry Taylor and Marilyn McDonald
Dr. Paul and Jayne Thistle
James and Janice Voukidis
Thomas and Pamela Ward
Frank Wille
Gary and Robin Wright
Rick and Jane Yecny

CLASS OF 1978-- 13% participation

Mark and Patricia Baker28
Nancy Deeks
Manny Hotchkiss, PE and Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss20


Andy and Marilyn Blick
Lee Carpenter
Gary and Susan Corgan15
Stephen and Susan Deagle
Paul Eichin19 H
Sr. Roswitha Frawley, SNJM
Wendy Gilligan13
Patrick Hellberg and Nancy Monsarrat
Marni Henrickson
Col. Mike Irwin and Lt. Col. Lori Irwin, USAF (Ret.)
Jeff and Mary Jewell11
David and Janet Johnstone
Jim Keogh, III and Jane Nibler-Keogh17
Jim and Diane Kintz28
Dr. James and Carol Kopp
Bob and Diane Lever
Marilyn Lucas
Kathryn Ludviksen19
Brent McCarter
Kathleen McKay
Larry and Marilyn McVey
Michael Miller
Zane and Lela Miller
Stephen Moore and Nita Moore, M EdP
Carlos and Lena Murillo11
Michael and Deborah Myers
Judith Nichols
Dennis and Frieda Ryland
Khosrow Shaidaee
Michael Snow, Ph.D. and Charlene Snow
Dr. Jim and Mary Stempel
Penny Strauss-Halvorson
Marc and Han Yun Swafford
Dr. William and Ann Synan
Lynn Szender
Jeffrey and Janet Tally
Ray Tercek
Ken+ and Audrey Underdahl
Mike and Carolyn Viles
Wayne and Shawn Wiege
Maureen Witt
Peter Wong and Peggy Auyeung Wong
Joan Woolard
Rick and Jane Yecny

CLASS OF 1979-- 15% participation

Maj. Brian Bergquist, USAF (Ret.)28
Darryl and Teresa Wong


Robert+ Albert and Julie Albert, USAF
Jeffrey and Linda Bartle22
Robert and Deborah Batchelder
Karen Blaha
Edward and Jacqueline Bleifuss
Pauline Bradford
Carol Brain
Roy and Cheryl Brown
Stephen Capellas and Jeannie Bryant-Capellas
Dr. Charles Capps, III and Patricia Capps
Chris and Diana Carlson
Dr. Roger and Marilyn Crabbs
Kermit and Marguerite Duncan
Michael Federovitch27
Donald and Jeanie Feltz28
David and Anne Figueira
Linda Finer
Greg and Mary Fuhrer
Tony Galati29
Earl and Sandra Gjelde
Ann Guzman
Richard and Frances Hansen
Gordon and Sandra Hickey
Eric Hukari and Beth Waterman-Hukari
Col. Mike Irwin and Lt. Col. Lori Irwin, USAF (Ret.)
Eva Jenkins
David and Rachel Kammeyer10
Jim and Diane Kintz28
Patrick and Kathleen Laper12
Ricky Lee
Dean and Barb Lightle
Sonia Macke
Mary MalickiH
Tom and Tami Martin
Glenda McKibben
Jim Mullaney, Jr. and Sheryl Mullaney
Gene Munson, Jr. and Fran Munson
John and Nancy Murakami28
Larry and Linda Nye19
John Pearson, RN and Miriam Pearson
John and Mary Percin
Richard Power and Tamara Power-Drutis
Michael and Victoria Quinn
Julie Reinking
Wynn and Martha Roberts
Kenneth and Beatrice Saito
Daniel and Renee Salvemini
Steven and Jan Schmidt
Sheila Shapiro
Lewi and Kathy Snader
John and Martha Stephenson
Deborah Strayhand
Claudette Summerville14
David Todd, Ph.D. and Kathleen Todd
H. and May Trotter
Michelle Upchurch
My and Lu Ann Van-Dinh
Marvin and Joanne Vining
James Walters and Susan Walters, M.D.
Wayne and Shawn Wiege
Patty Wills
Steven Yochim and Jerrene Murray
Patty Yoshimura, R.N.
Maj. Terry Young, USAF (Ret.)
Mark and Mary Zipse