2009 President's Report
The University of Portland


Joseph and Helen Allegretti
Fedele and Linda Bauccio
Pat Becker, Sr. and Jo Becker
Bon Appetit Management Company
Timothy and Mary Boyle
Earle M. Chiles
Maurie Clark+ and Mary Clark Frisbee
Joseph and Pearl Colatorti+
The Collins Foundation
The Congregation of the Holy Cross
Al and Sue Corrado
John and Jane Emrick
Fred and Suzanne Fields
Robert Franz
Elsie Franz Finley
Don Galarneau
The Garaventa Family Foundation
William Hunt+
The Kresge Foundation
Louisiana-Pacific Foundation
Allen and Kathleen Lund
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Mary McCravey+
Meyer Memorial Trust
Richard Myers+
Ralph and Sandi Miller
Oregon Independent College Foundation
Herb Page
Robert Pamplin, Jr, Ph.D. and Marilyn Pamplin
Brad Parberry
Providence Health & Services
Don Romanaggi, M.D. and Agnes+ Romanaggi
Stephen and Donna Shepard
Donald and Darlene Shiley
Ed and Sharon Sweo
George and Susan Swindells
Tektronix, Inc.
Howard and Jean Vollum+

CLASS OF 1936 -- 9% participation
Charles Laughlin27, H
Richard and Doris Johnson13

CLASS OF 1937 -- 7% participation
Walter and Rellalee Stott

CLASS OF 1938 -- 20% participation
Edward Armstrong
Tom Cullen+, H
Lt. Col. Gene Dueber, USMC (ret.)H

CLASS OF 1939 -- 4% participation
Thomas and Genevieve Finlayson+,H
Alton Lucas, Sr.+ and Olivia Lucas
Joe and Mary Moore
Hazel Neiger, RN

CLASS OF 1940 -- 20% participation
Charles and Betty Howe21
Martin Pezely
Ardis Grunow21, H
John and Dorothy Corrigan27
Robert and Mary Molin11
Carl Nydegger, Sr. and Barbara Nydegger

CLASS OF 1941 -- 26% participation
Art Wiese, Jr. and Vivienne Wiese27, H
Jim Bruce, Jr.27
Wes Olsen, Jr.
Capt. John Burke,USN (ret.) and Elizabeth Burke10
Bill and Miriam Danner27,H
Robert and Jeanne Graham
Alastair and Ann Johnstone11,H
Frank Maloney, Sr. and Elizabeth MaloneyH
Theodore and Thelma Reedy
John Svoboda, Jr.27
Dr. Francis and Patricia VanVeen
Thomas and Mary Volk

CLASS OF 1942 -- 25% participation
John and Patricia Beckman11
Carol Boire
Joe and Edith Cholick12
Harold+ and Marjorie LysterH
Ken Baricevic
Jim Foley11
Helen Gaylord
Dr. Lynn and Melva Ihringer
Carmen Jensen26
Dave and Becky Maks18
Edward McAuliffe
Oscar Quoidbach
Bob and Maxine Short27
Frank and Luella Yakubec

CLASS OF 1943 -- 24% participation
Ona Emigh+
Dick and June Roberts
Joseph and Patricia Barth11
Harold Bauer19
John McK Bosch
Louis Hansen
Milner and Rosemary Mead
Billie Miller
Bob and Elouise Soule'24
Col. John Swift, USAF (ret.)
Sarah Utz, Ph.D.11
Robert and Marjorie Wack 11

CLASS OF 1944 -- 30% participation
Mary Mitzlaff16
Parks Walker, Jr. and Evangeline Walker16
Molly Auer17
George Brown14
Lou and Terry Fortino27
Margaret Fromherz27
Dolores Fruiht
Jim and Carolyn Kenney
Dorothy Lenhart
Juanita McClelland24
Leo and Margaret Meagher
Paul and Julia Pagan14
Lucille Randall
Joe Sharkey, Jr.20
Frank Stupfel, M.D. and Colleen Stupfel19
John Wintler12

CLASS OF 1945 -- 13% participation
Jim and Audry Lynch13
Al O'BrienP,27
August and Joan Dindia27
Loa McElligott
Raymond and Aurora Trampush

CLASS OF 1945 -- 13% participation
Jim and Audry Lynch13
Al O'BrienP,27,H
August and Joan Dindia27
Loa McElligott
Raymond and Aurora Trampush

CLASS OF 1946 -- 15% participation
Joyce KaischH
Robert Brown, M.D.+ and Jean BrownH
Ed and Alvina Clapperton+
Jack Gillem
Geraldine Harrington27
Edward and Marie Lane
CPO Clarence Sander, USN (ret.) and Betty Sander
Al and Virginia Tannler
Richard Wilkes

CLASS OF 1947 -- 34% participation
Helen Deeks27, H
Bob and Jill Hanigan
Rose Howell15
Lois Anderson15
Lou and Terry Fortino27
Jack and Nancy Goetze25,H
Claire Hoglund
Frank and Mary Lajoy
Bob and JoAnn Leipzig15
John and Florence Lejardi14
Robert and Margaret Peterson27
Andy and Helen PienoviP,15
Carl Plass17
Carl and Mary Sundborg
Al and Virginia Tannler
Joseph and Ruth Thalhofer11
Frank WagnerP
Inarose Ries Zuelke

CLASS OF 1948 -- 21% participation
George Wright+,H
Gene and Lorraine Popma
Dr. Con and Joan CremerP, 22
James De Long27
Clara Halvorson
Bill and Fran KellerH
Vincent Paveskovich15, H
Evan Petcoff22,H
Lee and Dolores Robbins22
Rev. Arthur Schoenfeldt, C.S.C.+, H
Ben Stangel and Ann Drnjevic-Stangel
Louis and Adelina Bride20,H
Bubby Cronin, III and Anne Cronin 13
Lester and Josephine Ludviksen25,H
Joe Mallon, Jr. and Shirley Mallon
Clinton+ and Marcella Pearson
Joseph Powers, M.D. and Carlene Powers27
Jerry and Virginia Re12
Lawrence Wright

CLASS OF 1949 -- 29% participation
Harvey Gutman+
Jerry and Jane Bleeg12
Dr. Mario and Edith Campagna
Frank and Priscilla FavroH
Vernon and Melba Hungerford10
Lawrence LevermanH
John Mammoser27,H
Tom and Mary Ellen Moore27
Kasper Weigant13
Allen and Geraldine Wirfs10
Anthony and Marietta Arjavac26
Joseph and Sherley Brindisi
Robert and Joeanne Butler27
William Crocker, Sr. and Elizabeth Crocker11
Bill and Margery Fargher14
Don Galarneau12,H
Don Hanna, Sr. and Florence Hanna
Bill and Virginia Harmon
Neal and Frances Hook22
Gene Jaques14
Dick and Betty Larsell
William and Mary Mackin24
Leo and Helen Maguigan
Ray Manning, Jr. and Betty ManningH
Charles and Rosemary McCarty14
Robert and Wai Mei McKellar
Basil Mercer, Jr. and Eleanor Mercer
Tom and Dolores Neal
Dr. Robert and Rose Marie Phelps27
Patrick and Patricia PolichP,27
Maj. Aleck Prihar, USAF (ret.)27
Sam Schlichting10
Don and Jackie Sommer14
Michael Soranno
Albin Sundsten, Jr. and Margaret Sundsten13
Buck Weatherill14
Hon. Darrell and Florence Williams
Barbara Wood
Edward and Barbara Yarnell

CLASS OF 1950 -- 30% participation
Thomas and Velda LaPierre+
Rev. Charles Dreisbach27,H
William Casserly, Jr. and Shirley CasserlyP,27
Bill and Mary Epping19
Gene Feltz, Esq. and Betty Feltz21,H
Dexter Forbes+
Dan and Anne Marie Harrington21
Bob Harris+,H
Bob and Patricia Knapp10
Hon. Edward and Eileen Leavy
Mauro and Ann PotestioP,27
Walter SpitznagelP
Dr. Mike Tichy and Dr. Anna Mae Tichy15
Joe Bernard, Jr. and Shirley Bernard10
Jim and Gloria Brady
Dick+ and Diane BrownH
Jim and Lori Carr22
Bernie and Marion+ Cavanagh17
John and Violetta Chadbourne20
Donald Clearwater22<br /> Jay and Lee Cole17
Georgiann Daly
Richard DeCristoforo, LCSWP,15
Lynn Degerstedt, Ed.D. and Patricia Degerstedt
Angelo and Therese Della
Kathryn Devereux-Anthony
Hon. Bob and Lucy Devich
Dan and Joan Flanagan
Jack Ford
George Fortun11,H
Joe and Joan Galati27
Leo and Elaine Garrow27,H
Donald Graham+
Patricia Hagen22
Kirk and Suzanne Hamann
William Haug, Jr. and Marcia Haug
Robert Helzer
Marilyn Jones
Robert Kocarnik20
John Kuchler, Sr. and Frances Kuchler27,H
Charles Lane15
David and Joan Larsell
Martin and Patricia Lavelle
Ted Little, Jr. and Marianne Little
John Little16
Patricia MacDonald26
Marcelline MacDonald
Ralph+ and Mildred Manion
Kenneth Mehlig10
Louis Merrick21
Tom and Zara Monaghan
John and Josephine Moore26
Norman Nagel
Bunzo Nakagawa, M.D. and Frances Nakagawa20
Emil and Kathleen Nemarnik26
Walter Niebuhr
Joseph and Joanne Niehuser
Dave NudoP,14,H
Wayne and Margaret Olsen27
Jean Peyralans
Bill Phillips15,H
Joseph Powers, M.D. and Carlene Powers27
Ugo Raglione, M.D. and Joan Raglione14
Eugene and Nora Ray
Bruce Rogers27
Richard Rowley
William and May Sakai27
Jack Schutz21
Paul and Dorothy Staight
Bill and Carol Sweeney
Donald Tardiff, M.D. and Edith Tardiff24
Bob Thalhofer26
Ben Tone11
Chuck and Judy Tontz10
Thomas and Janice Unger
Ray Utz, Jr. and Madalyn Utz
Robert and Florence Vetterlein27
Richard Wells22

CLASS OF 1951 -- 26% participation
Donald and Darlene Shiley10
Col. George Anthony, USA (ret.)+,H
Dr. Mario and Edith Campagna
Tom and Leona HartP,25
Manuel Macias, Ph.D.P,27,H
Jim and Terry O'HanlonP,21,H
Harvey and Eleanor OsbornP,15,H
Ben and Barbara Tabler17,H
Robert Andrich15
Donna Ause
Nick BaumannP,20
Hayes Bickford, Jr. and Anna Bickford27
Kenneth Burchett
Scott and Eileen Cunningham
Neil Dale and Lyn Fromme14
Joseph and Velma Dang11
Thomas and Doris Dean
Florian and Diane Deibele
William and Irene Delucchi16
Vincent and Mary Lou Demarinis
Joe and Helen Devlin
Don and Joann Dindia
Jerry Domier20,H
Donald and Suzanne Dorres14
Jerrel and Polly Doyle
Robert Fox23
John and Pearl Freeman
Louis and Virginia Gray14
Eileen Hall24
John and Patricia Henick15
Ken and Pat HeuvelP,26
William Hirata
Carol Hubert
John and Beverly Hunt
Raymond and Audrey Janiak25
Robert and Dorothy Kayl
Leo Keppinger, Sr. and Angelina Keppinger15
James and Mary+ Leinbach
Hector and Gloria Maffei
William Maguire
Gildo and Jean Martini26
Robert and Marianna Mattecheck10
Shirley McDonald10
James and Patricia Menath
Byron and Connie Meurlott14
Don and Mary Millar
Emil and Kathleen Nemarnik26
Dan and Ella Niedermeyer
John and Virginia O'Donnell
Lillian Philley
Robert and Marianne Prentice27
William and Anna RadakovichP
Frank Schuster
Robert Sholaas
Alan and Jeanne Watt

CLASS OF 1952 -- 33% participation
John and Inez BecicP,27
Anton Bogdanovich10,H
Jim and Sylvia Gix26
Gerard and Sandra Gix27,H
Ivan and Joanna Husovsky16,H
Tom Lau, M.D. and Theresa Lau16
Deacon John and Elinor Ries
Richard and Sandra Schwary
Tom and Mary Accettura14
Marilyn Anderson15,H
Gibson Bassett and Marie Clark-Bassett
Leo and Leigh Bottaini26,H
William Campbell27
Larry and Lucille Carich
John Deis, Sr.
Robin Durkee13
Ray and Edith Foleen
Marion Fouse
Thomas and Ethel Fragas22
Leo and Anita Greenstein27
Gerry and Ann Johnson12
William and Lee Kang
Dorothy Kennedy22
Matthew Kraus, Jr., Ph.D. and Agnes Kraus21
Don and Nanette Kullberg
Goodwin and Betty Littig
Gerald and Catherine Lobb
Leonilo Malabed, M.D. and Yvonne Malabed15
Dr. Kasper and Jamie Marking
Lee and Helen McNinch18
Dr. Joe and Mary Megale
Mario and Jo Anne Monaco27
Bob Monks, PE and Barbara Monks20
Berney Orso-Manzonetta13
Louise Piacentini
Dr. Quentin and Barbara Quickstad27
John Quiner, II17
Ugo Raglione, M.D. and Joan Raglione14
Francis and Helen Reichert
Floyd and Rosalie Rice21
Jerry and Marilyn Risberg10
Alan Rousseau
Lloyd and Lorita Salvisburg
Ron Schenone
Eugene Schneider12
Ed+ and Patsy Self
Mary Sengstake14
John Shepard12
Glyn and Betty Steiner
Walter and Gloria Stickel
Dorothy Tierney
Teofista TupasiH
Ken and Audrey Underdahl
John and Rose Van Gogh17
Ed and Mary Vranizan26
Paul Wang, M.D. and Esther Wang
Burt and Patricia Went17,H
Peggy Whitlock
Robert and Jean Wiese

CLASS OF 1953 -- 28% participation
Frank Milligan, M.D. and Ann Milligan18
Stan and Virginia Bozich27,H
Ken and Elsie Butler+,P
Len and Elizabeth Cebula11
Emmett Devereux
Norm and Patricia FosterP,16
Wayne and Betty Olmscheid27
Jim and Corene Serres15
Tom and Marilyn Becic
Gilman and Genevieve Bland
Dale Browning, DO and Nevelle Browning
Barbara Bruton18
Larry and Lucille Carich
Al and Doris Chek27
Robert Edwards, Ed.D. and Leah Edwards23
Paul and Helen Feltz
Edward Grassel, Sr. and Marlene Grassel
Bernard Harvey, Sr. and Patricia Harvey14
Joseph and Rita Haun
Tony and Mary Isaia27
Robert and Dorothy Kayl
Matt Kuzmanich, Jr.+ and Velma Kuzmanich
Don and Jan Mayfield
Jerry McElligott21
Jack and Lois McNally15
Ralph and Florence Mitchell15,H
Dorothy Moore
James and Patricia Murphy27
James and Joan Newman27
Doug and Janet PennerP
Dr. John Rulifson
Fred Schlotfeldt, Jr. and Louisa Schlotfeldt
Leo Sherry, Jr. and Nancy Sherry
Douglas Smith
Jack Springer, M.D. and Mary Springer10
Helen Stanton
S. Frank and Jacqueline ViteznikH

CLASS OF 1954 -- 33% participation
Richard Crisera, M.D. and Ethel+ Crisera10
Gilbert and Joyce Frey22,H
George and Ann+ GalatiP,27
Hugh and Margaret Thomas11,H
Dr. Mike Tichy and Dr. Anna Mae Tichy15
Kevin and Peggy Van Hoomissen26
Al and Doreen Weber13
Don and Dawn Adkisson
Harold and Violet Andersen
Albert and Joyce Anderson
George Brune10
Mary Collins
Sam and Maria Conratt18
John and Patricia Cranston
George and Marlene De Long19
Phillip and Janice Devito
Earl Farley16
Richard and Patricia Fleck
Charles and Rosemary Foley
Sam and Jody Franklin27
Harlow HulburtH
Col. Ivan Jones, USAF (ret.) and Eleanore+ Jones
Jim Justin
Philip Kearney, Ph.D. and Julia Kearney27
Gene Munson, Jr. and Fran Munson
Walt and Pat Nelson
Donald Nelthropp
Michael and Bernetta Poell18
Patrick Quinlan14
E. John Rumpakis
Dorothy Sawyer
Kathryn Scott10
Forrest and Rose Siemroth
Richard Stearns, Sr. and Beverly Stearns
Jack and Norma Sullivan
Mark and Maxine Tacke
George Vennes, Jr., M.D. and Joann Vennes
Michael Walsh, Esq. and June Walsh15
Curtis and Vivian Williams
Richard and Suzanne Wrublik

CLASS OF 1955 -- 26% participation
Al and Sue CorradoP,27,H
Norm and Marge CreitzH
Brian and Margaret Dooney22
Joe ErcegP,24
Jim Flynn and Ann SheridanP,27
Bob Glennen, Jr., Ph.D. and Mary GlennenP,10
Tony Palermini, Ed.D.P,15
George and Susan Swindells12,H
Edward and Kathleen Altenhofen16
Donald and Diane Baldrica
Hon. Mark and Nancy Bliven
Wallace and Rosemary Boe10,H
Jim and Gloria Brady
Jack Brown
Richard DeMartini and Laila Sullivan DeMartini
Keith Dudley10
Dick and Janet Duggan10
James and Georgia George27
William and Jeanette Gibbs11
David and Erma Hanset20
Patrick and Gail Hjorten22
William and Kathleen Kopp14
Don and Nanette Kullberg
Richard and Sally Larsen
Charles and Lynn Lawrence
Richard Marshall, Sr. and Pat Marshall15
Bob and Marylou McPheeters
Charlotte Moreland-Brown, Ed.D.
Dr. Thomas O'Rourke10
Conrad Roelli26
Ron and Dolores Salvo
Anthony and Marilyn Sarsfield
Diana Schafer
Daryl and Eleanor Seedborg26
Ray Utz, Jr. and Madalyn Utz
Jerry WonderlichH
Henry and Renate Woods

CLASS OF 1956 -- 27% participation
Ed and Sharon SweoH
Jack Fastabend17
Thomas and Olga Perry20
Don Romanaggi, M.D. and Agnes+ RomanaggiP,22,H
Kevin and Peggy Van Hoomissen26
Dr. Arthur and Ruth Wiens
Edward and Kathleen Altenhofen16
Ron Amato14
Eldine Anderson
John and Jacquelyn Archer
Ray and Marylu Arrigotti27
Donald and Diane Baldrica
Dale and Susan Beacock
Rose Chambers
Bruce and Ellin Cudd
Dante and Mary Daltoso26
Neal and Donna Delaney
Jerrel and Polly Doyle
Larry Dusenberry27
Charles and Rosemary Foley
Carolene Kay22
Russ and Annabelle Kennedy
Betty Jo Kratz16
Dr. Richard Lindsay
Glenda McCall13
Bill and Bev Meglitsch
Diane Misfeldt+,22
Patrick Monaghan and K.K. Burrell-Monaghan
David and Carmelita Moore
Joseph and Virginia O'Harrow19
Juris and Silvia Orle27
Bill and Ann Owens
Rodney and Bev Peloquin17
Gerald and Sharon Preuitt
Joseph and Sandra Purdue
Bill and Kathy Rooney
Anthony and Marilyn Sarsfield
Daryl and Eleanor Seedborg26
Mary Seger
Bert Sewall
Merle and Barbara VanDyke16,H

CLASS OF 1957 -- 27% participation
Richard and Claudia Ditter10
Walter Bernards, M.D. and Jerry Bernards10
Jim and Ivonne Connell
Morrie Conway, Jr. and Laurie Conway
Bob Glennen, Jr., Ph.D. and Mary GlennenP,10
Chet Howlett, Jr.23
Terry Kuske, M.D. and Betsy Kuske12
Lawrence and Dorothy O'Rourke
Carlo and Evelyn Pedron
Bob and Sharlene Reinicke
Vince AquinoH
Martin Arrigotti, DMD and Sharon Arrigotti27
Robert Ballard
Joseph and Mary Baresh
Philip and Mary Belding
Dick and Ilo Berger
Malachi and Veronica Campbell
Richard Cavalli, M.D. and Kathleen Cavalli11
John and Mary DeBenedetti
Pat Dugan, Jr. and Mary+ Dugan
Francis and Bernice Dummer
Tom Duncan
Dolores Foley
Barbara Gill
Bob Goggin and Linda McClure10
Tom Hashizume14
Donald Haynes, Ph.D.
Robert and Elizabeth Hilger
Martin and Helen Hilgers21,H
Frederick Hoesly, M.D. and Mae Hoesly14
Kazuo Kiyomura and Pearl Iizuka27
Stephen and Nan Marn
Mary Jo McMonigle
Maj. Ronald Nicoll+
William Patterson, Jr. and Charmalee Patterson16
Richard and Carol Petrone
Craig Reynolds
Jerry and Kathleen Rothenfluch
Charles and Mary Schnorenberg
Stan Simons, Jr., M.D. and Kayella Simons
Chuck and Joy Smith26
James and Beverley Stein
Mary Stimson
Verne and Marilyn Strader
Frank and Penny Sweeney
Vincent and Carol Torchia
George Vennes, Jr., M.D. and Joann Vennes
Jerry and Jean Weisensee
Ken and Sandra Wischmann

CLASS OF 1958 -- 20% participation
Ed and Sharon SweoH
James and Veronica Dhanens23
Annette Godwin
Larry and Priscilla Larsen27
Stephen and Donna ShepardP,17
Frank and Joyce Bastasch
Dick and Ilo Berger
Donald and Jody Bleth
Thomas and Clara Bricher26
Maynard and Sharon Clark14
Dante and Mary Daltoso26
Jay and Jane Dean
John and Marcia Driesbach
Julius and Patricia Ferjancsik26
Joseph and Deerdre Hambleton
John Kovach15
Frank and Rose Lucarelli11
Jim Mack, M.D. and Marian Mack
Virginia McNally
Frances Moellman
Frank Monaco and I'Lana Cotton
Bob and Judy Pranger19
Robert PuncocharH
Robert Rigert, Sr.
James and Marilyn Rumpakis27
Lt. Col. James Senko, USAF (ret.) and Patricia Senko
Samuel and Claudia Smith
Walter Spriggs11
Jack Springer, M.D. and Mary Springer10
Michael Tovey, Jr. and Joyce Tovey
Merle and Barbara VanDyke16,H
William and Loretta Vaughan19
Joseph Victor
Robert and Carol Waters17
John White and Kathy White-Rhodes14,H
Bernard and Linda WhiteH
Shirley White-Snyder

CLASS OF 1959 -- 20% participation
Richard and Claudia Ditter10
David and Carolyn Asson
Rev. Arthur Dernbach22
Tom Monaghan, Jr. and Roselie Monaghan25
Glenn Pelikan10
Carol Bittle
Myron and Gayla Bredahl
Jim Carleton, USAF (ret.) and Marcy Carleton
Terry and Karen Cline13
James and Janet Conley
Dr. James and Sally Covert10
David DeMartino
Larry and Joy Gallagher27
David and Carolyn Kehrli
Alan and Delene Kempton13
Gerald and Stephana Leahy
James and Grace Link
Carole Lower
William and Lynne Maddux
Ann Madigan
Arden and Lillian Manning27
James and Judy Marick
William and Mary McEnery23
Bob and Robbie McMahon
Richard and Louise Newlean
Mel and Julia Petersen27
Dr. Robert Petersen
Ed and Erika Pongracz-Bartha
John Rambo13
Lt. Col. James Senko, USAF (ret.) and Patricia Senko
Stan Simons, Jr., M.D. and Kayella Simons
Don Sirianni, D.M.D, PC and Marilyn Sirianni
Robert and Joanne Skidmore
Donald and Natercia Varley
Mose and Marlene WalkerP,14
Col. Brook and Stephanie Watts10
Donald and Lois Weber18
Frank and Marilyn Weber27
Ronald and Barbara WeberP,23

CLASS OF 1960 -- 23% participation
Gene and Janet WizerP,27
Richard AndersenP,14
Joe and Judy EtzelP,27
Hon. Richard Grant12
Joe and Nancy Miller
Elvin and Dana Roeske27,H
Robert and Barbara Aquino27,H
Dr. Beverly Bancroft14
Donald and Carol Blahnik
Eddie Butler, Jr.
David and Mary Case
Richard Checkwick
Jim and Cheryl Cleary
Terry and Karen Cline13
Eugene and Catherine Comfort
Stanley and Victoria Culkins14
Larry and Edna Easter
Don and Janice Eisele14
Donald and Phillis Farrelly21
James Ford
William and Marlene Fuller
George Goddard
Kenneth and Margaret Harris
James and Marilyn Howe14
Richard and Doreen Hune23
Ruta Jurisons
Patricia Knecht
Wayne and Marjorie Kollas
Jim and Darlene Luckeroth27
Col. Frank Ludwig, USAF (ret.) and Judie Ludwig13
Richard and Carol Maney27
Chuck and Carol Moran
Donald Murray
Dr. Damon and Anna Nalty
Dan and Ella Niedermeyer
Wallace Ohles14
Doug and Janet PennerP
Dr. Gaynor and Marilyn Petrequin
Mary Rinki15
Dennis and Sharon Schmidt
Paul and Marlene Seida
Valery Steckel
Col. John and Camille Trout
Gerald and Judy VanGrunsven
Alex Virnig27
Dennis and Kathleen Voeller21
John and Theresa Ward
Thomas West
Bernard and Linda WhiteH
Ron and Dottie Woldrich27

CLASS OF 1961 -- 24% participation
Gayle Barrow10
Joe and Pearl Colatorti+
Al and Anna Kurkoski
Tom and Mary Ellen Massmann10
Mike McCoy, Ph.D.
Dom Monahan10
Richard and Diane VanGrunsven
Frank and Susan Amato
Bob and Karen Belding
Sharon Bell Rau
Karen Biggs
Dr. Robert Bigoni
Marianne Bous
Robin and Mary Ann Clark
Eugene and Catherine Comfort
William and Jodi Concannon25
Vince Cooney, Jr. and Kathy CooneyP,13
Col. Gary Cox, USAF (ret.) and Carole Cox10
Robert Davis, Ph.D. and Mary Ann Davis
W. Devine12
Fred Fritz, Jr.P,15
George and Margie Gerspacher
Kenneth and Connie Giacchero27
Richard and Doreen Hune23
Collins and Kathleen Jakin
Rob and Lori Kollas
Anne Kuzminski
Frank Lemma, Jr. and Sharlie Lemma
Bruce and Brenda Mason20
Mike and Frances Monahan
Bob+ and Carol Sanderson
Sylvester Moser, PE and Lorie Moser12
Dennis and Gerry O'Leary
Bob and Judy Pranger19
John and Cynthia Pusey
Allan and Shawneen Quick22,H
George and Gail Rauch
Mary Lou Salvo
Paul and Marlene Seida
Joe Stranieri
Douglas and Judith Strayer
Arlene Strong
Philip Swartz, M.D. and Janet Swartz
Lt. Col. Howard and Jean Thompson
Michael Tovey, Jr. and Joyce Tovey
Thomas VanVeen, M.D. and Greta VanVeen16
Larry and Norma Verjinski

CLASS OF 1962 -- 23% participation
Dr. Margaret Elfering H
Joe and Judy EtzelP,27
Joe Kremers
Constance Miller11,H
Dennis and Joyce Barrett18
Frank and Julie BosoneP,27
Martin and Dorothy Bozulich
Maurice and Sidney Caba
Esther Camden14
Ray Carter
Ronald and Gayle Chiotti
Larry Collins16,H
Col. David and Janis Foley
Melvin and Janet Goldberg25
Irv and Patricia Guss
Kenneth and Sally Handel
John and Bunny Harrold
John and Kathy Hector
Art Henderson, III and Patricia Henderson
Tom and Gerri Hiestand27
Ralph Hoffman14
Gary Houghton and June Morlan-Houghton
John and Jan Hudanish11
Wilmar Jennings, Jr.27
Wayne and Marjorie Kollas
John and Maryanne Leahy26
Arlene Ledoux14
Dr. Judy Linnan
Mike and Sue Mattecheck14,H
Millard and Mary Lou McClung15
Janice Miles27,H
Chuck and Carol Moran
Carole Olson
Kathleen Paulsen17
Col. Thomas Peot, (ret.) and Melva Peot17
Basil and Babs Pius
Maj. Robert and Judy Pucik18
Ronald and Wanda Rau
Leonard and Jeannie Santos
Charles Schaeffer
Rosalie Schmitz23
Arlene Souza11
Owen and Carol Sullivan
Joseph and Martha Trapp27
John and Maria Vanderzanden15
John and Mary Anne Wagner24
John and Theresa Ward
Bill and Linda Wehrli
Richard and Marjorie Westrup
Philip and Judy Williams

CLASS OF 1963 -- 24% participation
Pat Becker, Sr. and Jo Becker27
Hon. Joe DiLoreto20
James Berchtold and Marg+ Privett BerchtoldP,10,H
John Bordes, Jr. and Sue BordesP,27
Carlo and Margaret Bruno15
John and Marilyn Faherty10
Lt. Col. Bill Higham, USAF (ret.)14
Donald and Irene McMullen12
Bill Schwendler, Jr. and Barbara Schwendler14,H
Hal Westby, Ph.D. and Jerri Westby10
Gerald Abts, Jr. and Martha Abts12
Guy and Laurel Bernard
Terry Blanchat
Dr. Dean and Helen Casey
Bertha Ching
Robin and Mary Ann Clark
John and Mary DeBenedetti
Al Emrick, Jr. and Eileen Emrick
Allan and Merilynn Erhart
Paul and Sharon Harrington
Dennis and Sharon Hays
Tom and Gerri Hiestand27
David and Lynda Hinkley
Janice Jeffcoat
Dave and Katy Joyce
Samuel and Pamela Kaaloa23
John Kelly, Ph.D.26
Lt. Col. John Kish, USAF (ret.) and Marsha Kish
Karen Leary
Frank Lemma, Jr. and Sharlie Lemma
Mike and Sue Mattecheck14,H
William McCormackP
Dale and Charlene Owings
James and Maria Parker27
Edward and Charleen Peri
Arnie+ and Janet Philichi23
Bill and Joann Reiling
Jean Rittenour
Dennis and Donna Ross
Franz and Mary Schneider20
Roland Schuh, Jr.17
Fred and Sue Sievers
John Simich
Deanna Thomas
Doug Thompson, M.D. and Candice Thompson
Sarah Tooley
Ted and Karen Vaughters26
Joseph and Lorene Warner
Don and Janet Wolf26
Thomas Yager26

CLASS OF 1964 -- 22% participation
Fedele and Linda Bauccio
Tom Barrett, Ph.D.22
Mike and Connie Brumble11
Clay and Carolyn Carter26,H
Dr. Con and Joan CremerP,22
Bill and Yvonne Elfering
John and Jane Emrick19
Carol Herman
Michael and Lynne Hosterman
John and Sally Lee
Len and Mary Jo Levy
Bob Maloney, Jr.27
Donald and Irene McMullen12
May Rawlinson, Ph.D.11
Kay Toran
Bill and Carolyn WinterP,13
Jim and Kay Armstrong14
Julia Bartholomew
Denny Bean
James Becker10
Gilman and Genevieve Bland
Bernie Boat
Frank and Julie BosoneP,27
Bert and Mary Brumbaugh
Ed Bystran, Jr. and Col. Sharon Bystran, USA (ret.)
Ronald and Gayle Chiotti
John and Barbara Berenson
Ron and Nikki Desrosiers
Diane Doherty23
Don and Janice Eisele14
Matt and Marilyn Gloege
Art Henderson, III and Patricia Henderson
Jerry and Linda Hermes
Dr. Lawrence Hong
Phil and Tina Hurley
Fred and Mary Lee Iverson
James and Linda Jacobson15
John Joyce, PE and Patricia Joyce
Dave and Katy Joyce
Mike and Jane Kane
Brent and Pat Kehoe
Richard and Winnie Kingsbury
John and Patty Linde
Robert and Judith Martens
Mary McKee
Lt. Col. James McLain
Allan and Edith Mootz
George Petrutis, Jr. and Judith Parker
Nina Pettyjohn21
Dennis and Arlene Pinkos
Col. Samuel Ream, USAFR (ret.) and Col. Marianne Ream, USAFR (ret.)22
Bill and Joann Reiling
Jack and Mattie Roscoe
Dr. Antonio+ and Arlene Scarpelli
Tom and Kathy Schager
Carol Spiering21
Dr. James and Marilyn Stark
David and Marcia Stuermer
Ray Sutton
Eugene and Cathy Tupper27
Maj. Gary VanDusen, (ret.)
Ted and Karen Vaughters26
Dr. George and Marilou Waldmann15
Joseph and Lorene Warner
William Welch, USAF (ret.)16
John and Pamela White
Shirley Wizer20
Leon and Sharon Young

CLASS OF 1965 -- 27% participation
Jennifer Cullen13,H
Roger and Joan Galles22
John and Joanne Gotshall11
Jorge and Judith Lazo12
George Mack, III and Anna MackP
Charles McGrath
Don and Elaine MillerP,20
Wayne Oliver
Louie and Betty Schnell
Bill and Janet Schultz
Dennis Vaughn
Joe Vierra, Jr. and Fran Vierra27
Jim and Kay Armstrong14
Gary and Shelley Barnes
Joe BeLusko, Jr.
Frank and Tina Blas
Nancy Bonds11
Gerald and Dorothy Brusseau
Lewis Caliento and Sharon Surrett
Tim Carey, M.D. and Susan CareyP,27
Dennis and Marge ChanningP,15
Sam Coston
Col. Pat Daly, USAF (ret.) and Cheryl Daly15
William and Helen Davis
Dr. Thomas and Celeste Depner
Michael and Maureen Dooley13
Mike and Barbara Ellsworth
Thom Faller, Ph.D. and Madeleine FallerP,27
Gary and Sharon Fasnacht
Frank and Patricia Galluzzo21
Robert and Gayle Graber
Chuck Grindell and Lisa Decker Grindell
Varnum and Ellen Harris
Morris Horning, M.D. and Lorrie Horning
Mary Hoyt
James and Marcia Hubler26
Farland and Jean Johnson
Patrick and Donna Kennedy13
Pierre Lameh, Sr.
Col. Mike Lewis, USAF (ret.) and Kathie Lewis18
Sandra Loren14
Phillip and Helen Lynch19
Donald Martin
Mike McClellanP,13
Hugh and Beryl Montgomery
Alexander and Nancy Muktoyuk26
Maj. Peter Nagy, USAF (ret.) and Sandy Nagy
James and Bonnie Neel15
Ronald Neiger27
Wayne OliverP
Tony and Rosemary Pausz
George Petrutis, Jr. and Judith Parker
Jim Price, Sr. and Suzanne PriceP
Thomas and Mary Reilly
Keith Schray, Ph.D. and Jeanne Schray
Gary and Martha Seymour14
Leroy and Arlene Slattum
Ranie Smith
Mike and Sunny Strong
Duncan and Christine Tanner
Leonard and Sally Taylor
Allan Vanderzanden27
Jim+ and Carol Wells
John Woodhead, Sr. and Gloria Woodhead
Col. Bob Yeend, USMC (ret.) and Kathie Yeend, M.D.27
Dr. Francis Zeck, Jr. and Dian Zeck10

CLASS OF 1966 -- 21% participation
Ted and Edith Bokemeier27
John and Jane Emrick19
Steve and Eileen FarleyP,22
Richard and Linda McKenna11
John MuessleP,19
Donald and Nina Robertson
Sandra Suran
Rod and Judy Wells18
Bob Wollmuth, M.D. and Mary Kay+ WollmuthP,27
Dr. Jim and Carol Zuiches17
Libby Begovich
Robert Bumm, Sr. and Margaret Bumm
Lewis Caliento and Sharon Surrett
Jim and Barbara Cathcart
Richard and Mi Suk Ching
Paul ConstantinoH
Daniel and Catherine CronenP
Ronald and Mary DeVall
Robert Durand and Roberta Dyer
Tom and Gail EderP,13
Richard and Alice Fay14
Dick and Sharon Firsich
David and Patsy Fisher
Michael and Kathleen Fritz24
Dan Gebhardt, M.D. and Bonnie Gebhardt
Dave Gilbaugh
Lt. Col. Thomas Gritzmacher, USAF (ret.) and Penny Gritzmacher10
Bill and Nancy Hall12
David and Elizabeth Hardesty
Glen and Nancy Hascall
Patricia Jamison
Michael and Carol Johnson15
John and Linda Kapigian10
Glenn and Jo Ann Kormann
Walter and Mary Ann Kosiewicz
Lt. Col. Edwin and Cindy Maerz
Mary Pat Maloney
Eleanor McCallumP,H
William Murphy
Mary O'Leary12
Don and Julie Ostendorf
Barbara Otter
George and Gail Richardson
Bob and Carol Salatka21
Burt and Sara Smith20
Robert and Sheryle Sopke
Lou Spadia
Paul and Mary Steele14
John Thompson and Susan Madden
Kent Wade
Susan Wade
Marvin Wakefield, IV
Col. Bob and Janice Wright
Dennis and Jan YoungH
Leon and Sharon Young

CLASS OF 1967 -- 21% participation
Mark and Gail Wuotila22,H
Robert and Christine BeathardP,14
Larry and Lu Claire Fleckenstein
Philippe and Mary Henry deTessan
Jack and Margaret Hourigan
Fred and Irene Krebs11
Larry and Christine LaRocco
John and Sally Lee
Mike Lynch, M.D. and Pamela Lynch
Don and Elaine MillerP,20
Donald and Nina Robertson
Tony Teske
Dr. Jim and Carol Zuiches17
Dave and Sue Abts
Al and Carol Carocci
Dr. Tom and Anne Caruso
Lawrence and Diane Christiansen
John and Adela Collins
Jim and Ginger Dearey
Dr. Thomas and Celeste Depner
Ron and Nikki Desrosiers
Col. Doug Edwards, USAF (ret.) and Gwen EdwardsP,16,H
Dale and Domini Erz
Charles and Charline Gebhardt27
Del Haener, Jr. and Nannett HaenerP
Jim and Kathy Hickey
Michael and Carol Johnson15
James and Elaine Joseph
Mike and Jane Kane
John and Florence Leppert15
Kathy Lintz
Mike and Jeanne MaddenP,17
Julian Martin and Rosanne Martin, Ph.D.H
Robert Marvin and Molly McGowan
Carole Myers
Rita Nau
Joseph Nelson, Jr.23
Don and Joanne Oja
Harvey and Ruth Oxman
Dennis and Mary Kay Reager13
Mark and Kathleen Richey
Mike and Virginia Schwab21
R. Pete Stinson
William and Alice+ Thompson
Doug Thompson, M.D. and Candice Thompson
Den Torresdal and Leslie Hulton, M.D.P,15
Jim Weatherby, Jr. and Rozy Weatherby
Donald and Marian Weaver
Cheryl Wiley
Col. Bob Yeend, USMC (ret.) and Kathie Yeend, M.D.27
Mary Zimmer

CLASS OF 1968 -- 17% participation
George and Sheila Hawley16
Crete Miller11,H
Louis Moscato and Susan Moscato, Ed.D., RN
Dr. Robert Pamplin, Jr. and Marilyn Pamplin
Jesse PerryP,16
Arnaldo Rodriguez and Lucia Miltenberger
Claire Toomey Durkin11
Bob Wollmuth, M.D. and Mary Kay+ WollmuthP,27
Benjamin Ayson, Jr. and Sonia Ayson
Sherm Bucher
John and Marsha Burns
David and Sheryl Chalupa
Bill Coates, III
William and Carolyn Criteser27
Charles Doyle, Sr. + and Norma Doyle
Tom and Gail EderP, 13
Dennis and Karen Erickson
Tom Goevelinger
Paul and Margo Graf
Bob and Julie Granger
Ann Harris
Ron and Teresa Hauck
Kathy Hauck16
Charles and Daphne Heater
Ed and Linda Kaiel12
Leo and Janet Kurkoski15
John Lee
Gary and Gloria Lisignoli
Thomas Mack, DDS and Barbara Mack
Barbara Main
George and Susan Malone
Charles Maness, III and Susan Maness
Jim and Christine Mitchell11
Patrick Monaghan and K.K. Burrell-Monaghan
Frank and Christine Mooney
Eugene and Rosanne Moran
Frank and Mary Nitsch
Dr. Lynne O'Donnell
Roy and Sue Powers
Gary and Susan Prothero
Catherine Ryan
Dr. Antonio+ and Arlene Scarpelli
Calvin Schuyler10
Larry and Leslie Walsh27
Dr. Needham Ward, III and Diane Ward
Joseph Wright

CLASS OF 1969 -- 22% participation
Don and Lynn BowlerP
William and Marty Cloran27
Al and Linda Courter
Mike Hryciw, Jr.P,13
Dick and Jacque Louie
Thomas McGreevyP
Richard Organ
Greg and Gloria Shean13
William and Patricia ZeppP
Dick and Mary Adkisson
Sheila Ahern
Roger and Dorothy Anderson10
Sharon Berdine15
Michael Bower, M.D. and Janice Bower26
Steve Brantner and Marijo Brantner, Ph.D.
John and Marsha Burns
Jim and Jerri Carleton10
James and Donna Cassidy16
Douglas and Cor+ Clark
Karen Day, MSM12
Patrick Downing, Ph.D. and Jude DowningH
Ron Franke and Jan Curtin Franke16
Sharon Golden
Doug and Lyn Head11
Dennis and Judy Hedberg
Tim and Claudia Hein27
John Holloway and Mary McCarthy, M.D.14
Mike Hope21
Bob Hurley20
Michael Jogoleff
Ralph Johnson
Dennis and Diana Keenan22
Alan Larson, M.D. and Ruth Larson, M.D.
Gary and Janet Lynk11
James+ and Cathy Markham27,H
Bobbie Marlow
Barbara Nizich25
Daniel and Maureen O'Toole
Richard and Marcia Poole
Gerald Post, Ed.D. and Janice Post
Larry and Karen Prowd
Paul Rager and Alba Enriquez-Rager
Barbara Rastatter
Dewitt and Sharon Reid17
Bart and Mary Jo Rice17
Henry and Dianne Rogers
Michele Sandifur
David and Jane Schlosser13
Dennis and Carol Souza
Gordon Spezza, Jr.
Lt. Col. Joe and Patricia Staeheli
Phil and Sheila Stalp
Nancy Stewart
David Tozer, II and Linda Tozer
Nancy Tupper-Collinson
Larry and Leslie Walsh27
Dr. Needham Ward, III and Diane Ward
William and Sylvia Wightman
Horst Wolff and Julia Shovein

CLASS OF 1970 -- 17% participation
Michael and Joyce Leppert12
Dick and Jacque Louie
John and Mary Lynn McManamin17
William and Patricia ZeppP
Susan Backlund
Don and Jeanne Barnes
Judy Bell15
Terry and Kathy Briscoe14
Jim and Jerri Carleton10
Mary Crouse
Marvin and Corda Dunstan27
David and Nalana Dzivak
Bill and Michele Failing
Larry and Deborah Ferschweiler16
Larry and Deborah Gallagher
John Gray
Barbara Harrington
Don and Claudia Heacock
Jim and Kathy Hickey
Gerry Jarvis
Tom and Barbara Jorgenson
Julie Kawabata
Dennis and Diana Keenan22
John and Mary Keith17
Dan and Anne Kelleher
David and Mary Kohler
Annette Lackaff
Jeffrey and Karen Lapierre22
Gail Lawler
Joseph Lee and Jeannette Launer
Ed and Kathleen LemmaH
Dr. Menachem and Miriam Levitas12
Gary and Gloria Lisignoli
Joe and Elizabeth Loll22
Paul and Anchalee Madden13
Maura Madden Donovan
Richard and Susan Mahlmann18
Col. John Marty, Jr., USAF (ret.)14
Dave and Donna Mattson11
Michael and Paula McVay
Frank and Christine Mooney
Eugene and Rosanne Moran
M.K. O'Sullivan
Gary and Barbara Peterson
Dale and Gail Prill
Bob Rados, Jr.
Paul Rager and Alba Enriquez-Rager
Marilyn Roggenkamp11
Timothy and Laura Ryan
Robert and Sandra Sheehan
Thomas and Jane Sommer
Catherine St. Andre
Lt. Col. Joe and Patricia Staeheli
Kathleen Sullivan10
Richard and Mona Teebay10
Gregory and Linda Teske27
Jim Weatherby, Jr. and Rozy Weatherby
David Willis, M.D. and Margy Willis17
Len and Liz Zander15

CLASS OF 1971 -- 16% participation
Jack Block12
Matt and Lillian Chapman10
Barbara Chester14,H
Jim Frank
Michael and Joyce Leppert12
Lynn Marks
Fred Stifter and Regina Tozar-Stifter16
Otto Allison, III and Michelle Allison
Jim and Marie Anstett27
Charles Bacon, Jr. and Justina Bacon20
W. Dave and Jean Baker18
John Berglund, Jr. and Judith Berglund15
Tim Bergquist, Ph.D.
David Blair, PE26
Frank and Lynne Bocarde12
Dr. Bernadette Brooten22,H
Deborah Burkhardt-Cotter
Lt. Col. Manuel and Melanie Buzo13
Catherine Donahue
Rose Marie Driessen
Dick and Gerri Endean14
Charlotte Graham18
Jim and Pamela Haines17
Dennis and Lorraine Hartmann
Roy and Cindy Heikkala
Mary Hein
Dorothy Henifin14
Roberta Hutton
Gary and Cindy Jensen
William and Laverne Jordan
Henry and Mary Kappert
Patrick and Elaine Keavney
David and Mary Kohler
Greg and Kathleen Letts
Joe and Elizabeth Loll22
Kim and Jane Matusek18
William Mayclin
Bill McLean and Van SchopfP
Wayne and Jane Meucci
Randy Navarra and Danielle Engels
John and Cindy Nobriga
Michae Noonan10
Mike and Kathy Nugent
Michael O'Phelan and Mary Muoth
Tom Palmesano
Susan Pennel
Thomas Rafferty, M.D. and Kathleen Rafferty26
Roy and Lauralee Reinhart26
Hal and Ann RoseneP,18
Lt. Col. Thomas and Filomena Rothschild14
Ruth Sandvik23
Greg and Maureen Schopf
John and Shelby Sheils
Kathy Shores
Linda Taylor Malone
Randy Wachter and Stephanie Dever-Wachter16
Ronald Welsh
Karl Wetzel, Ph.D. and Barbara Wetzel
Brian Williams and Mary Jane (Lynn) Williams10

CLASS OF 1972 -- 16% participation
Jerry Anderson and Dr. Marla Salmon13
Al Auyeung and Mae Au12
Michael Ferneding18
Mike and Darnell Offer27
Bill and Suzanne ReedP,23
Margaret Ahern12
Jim and Marie Anstett27
Larry and Diane Blankenship
Lt. Col. Manuel and Melanie Buzo13
Lt. Col. Tom Charters, USAF (ret.) and Belinda Charters
Dr. Thomas Cherry
Molly Chong16
Joseph Cowan
Paul and Corrine Crowner
Michael Dague and Muffy Curtis, M.D.
Michael Darcher and Dr. Joanne LisoskyH
Robert and Pamela Fisher20
Diana Foran
Jim and Pamela Haines17
Ronald and Patricia Hart20
Doug and Patsy Hunt10
Roger Jolma and Rebecca Fisher
Margorie Keene
Eileen Kennedy
Tom Konecny25
Maureen McElligott27
Jim and Judy Nuccio
Mike Olson, USAF (ret.) and Lois Olson
Bernice Pluchos17
Richard and Marcia Poole
Thomas Rafferty, M.D. and Kathleen Rafferty26
Doug and Diane Rex23
Bill Ristau
Maureen Sloan19
Tony and Jacqueline Staley
Mike and Linda Temple
Dr. Ed and Elizabeth Temple18
W. Michael and Candy Turay
John and Judy Tuttle
Charles and Shira Wight
Man Dan and Christina Woo12
Eugene Yamane, II and Susan Yamane

CLASS OF 1973 -- 15% participation
Jim Nondorf and Eunie O'Connor-Nondorf

Ron and Terri Bernards17
Arthur Landauer
Steve and Kathleen Mahaney14
Ralph and Sandi Miller17,H
Very Rev. Msgr. Timothy MurphyP
Mike and Darnell Offer27
Craig and Jamie Austin
Frank and Julie Bernards27
Katherine Birch Sanders
Larry and Diane Blankenship
Laura Boitano18
Christine Bordeleau
Bob and Mary Brown
Ken and Marybeth Buck
Kevin Campbell
Lorna Choy16
Bill Cullen27
James and Jean Endy27
Geranna Fleming
Ruth Frank
Patrick and Mary-Ann Gaston
Harvey Hewett, Jr.
Barbara Hollcraft
Henry Karnofski
Sr. Fran Kearney, S.N.J.M.
Scott Lake, Jr. and Diane KoosedP
Brian and Mary Lally17
Daniel and Karen Leedom
John and Ann Manassero15
Anthony and Sharon Nicola
Demetrios Nikas and Cathy Degan Nikas
Carl and Amy Okuyama
Gerald and Ines Olson
Tim O'Malley, Ph.D. and Sheila O'Malley
Gary and Karen Pendergast
Phillip and Deborah Reddy
Michael and Linda Roholt
Frederick and Judy Rupert
Douglas Schmitz and Barbara O'Toole-Schmitz
Dale Schoonover and Susanne Rigert10
Bill Stack and Rebecca Shoemaker
Susie Stewart
Michael and Karen Thornton
Steven Ullrich14
Bob and Luanna Walters
Kevin and Gail Watkins
David White and Michelle De La Vergne
Patrick and Jeanne Wieber

CLASS OF 1974 -- 11% participation
Laura Fouce
John and Debbie Haner12
Michael and Sharon MaloneP,17
Jack and Elizabeth Babb
Terry and Mary Beck
Tom and Molly Butson
Clifford and Sharon Cabe
Bill Caldwell, Jr. and Pat Caldwell
Maria Chinakos
Jim and Denise Ciciora
Mary Costa
Ted and Sharon Dailey
Michael Dietrich and Kathy Mahaffy-Dietrich
Dennis and Nancy Forrester
Christie Geary-Johnson
John and Valerie Harrington
Paul Hermens11
John and Catherine Hogan
Ernest and Klaras Ihnken
Duane and Teresa Johnson
Donna Johnson
Paul and Karen Kirsch12
Al and Connie Kitzmiller16
Cynthia Lacro
Bud and Didi Lucas
Rich Mollerup
Dick O'Donnell and Dr. Beulah Mitchell
Gerald and Ines Olson
Tim O'Malley, Ph.D. and Sheila O'Malley
Roy Parkins and Brenda Herman
Michael and Kathy Plass
Dr. Joseph and Nancy Pulito
Edward and Judy Robbins
Daniel and Marylen Robinson
Mary Schoessler
Randolph Todd
John and Donna Van Zile
Brad and Megan VandeheyP,15
Kenneth and Billie Voss10
Bob and Sharon Wiskocil
Eugene Yamane, II and Susan Yamane
Tom and Stephanie Zandoli

CLASS OF 1975 -- 12% participation
Harold and Annie Buell14
Lt. Col. Michael Carney, USAF (ret.)
Joe and Frances KellerP,27
Don and Ann Lynch
Steve and Kathleen Mahaney14
Norman and Louella Webb14
Brad and Susan Aspell
Edward Campbell, IV and Kathleen Campbell
Carl Cooke
Sheldon and Marilyn Crop
Dale and Mary Jo Derby11
Kevin and Nancyann Flood
James and Lorraine Griffin
Gary and Kathy Grisanti17
Peggy HaggertyH
David Haide11
Creigh and Jan House
David and Janet Johnstone
Roderich and Carol Kiel18
George Krantz10
Randall Leneve
Bob and Jennie Little
Peter McGoey10,H
Carl and Karen Meininger
Duane Mitchell
Robert and Peggy Nitschke
Ron Oliver
Don and Rosalyn Petersen13
Doug Provine and Charlotte Better12
Gene Savio10
Jo Ellen Schoblom
Paul and Jonet Schutz
Lt. Col. Ronald Smith and Lt. Col. Marie Smith
David Stangland, M.D. and Catherine Stangland15
Linda Sumner11
Frank and Mary Vaz
Robert and Cynthia Weston
Jacqueline Williams

CLASS OF 1976 -- 13% participation
John and Del KellerP
Genevieve Housen
Patrick and Katherine Sheehy
Bob and Joan Barone
Kathy Barry10
Linda Beasley-Freeman20
Robert and Maria Boiles13
Katie Bulletset21
Bill Caldwell, Jr. and Pat Caldwell
James Campbell, Jr. and Maria Campbell
Michael and Kathleen Cleavenger16
Ted and Barbara Clifford
Kathleen Cochran
Jock Coombe, II13
Pamela Cruckshank
Debra Duso, RN
Mary Grant
Jessie Hammond
Kevin and Leslie Harvey
Lewis and Suzuko Howell
Glenn Hurst, DDS
Chris and Holly Iburg
Ronald and Roberta Janssen10
Kevin and Mary Malone
Tom Manning, M.D. and Barbara Manning
Hugh McKenna and Andrea Kennet
Gus and Adrienne Miller
Lt. Col. George Mounce, III, USAF (ret.) and Priscilla Mounce28
Ronald Moyer, DVM
John Nesbitt27
Patrick and Laurel Olson
David and Kimberly Robben
Hal and Ann RoseneP,18
Rock and Christy Sander
Keith and Susan Sanders
Roger Schlesinger and Dr. Mary Watrous-Schlesinger
Lt. Col. Ronald Smith and Lt. Col. Marie Smith
Milton Stokke
Den Torresdal and Leslie Hulton, M.D.P,15
Michael Tulley
Rev. Todd Unger
John and Donna Van Zile
Susie Walker
Richard Walker11
Marian Watkins
Leslie and Mary Jo Watkins12
Frank and Shirley Yazalina

CLASS OF 1977 -- 13% participation
Bill Robbins and Sharon VanSickle-Robbins13
Darryl and Teresa Wong
David and Laura Alford27
Lyndal and Janine Ayers12
John and Carol Bray
Keith and Margaret Chapman
Margaret Connelly
Irene Cook
Alice DeVito
Michael Drais and Deborah Burton, RN Ph.D.
Steve and Kimberly Feltz
Gregory and Deborah Harp
Susan Harrington
Jim Hawkins and Donna Gates Hawkins, RN
David and Cathryn Hlebechuk
Donald Hood and Michelle Haun-Hood, RN10
Stephen Houston and Rita Coppernoll17
Wayne Inman13
Liz James23
Roger Johnson
Lynette Jones-Baucke
Donna Jose
Patrick and Anne Kaiser13
Robert and Phyllis King
Lt. Col. Patrick Kravitz, USAFR (ret.) and Marsha Kravitz
Dennis and Mary Kyle14
Richard Leipzig
Lt. Col. Norma Lloyd, USA (ret.)
Maureen Maag
Sanford Maddox, Jr. and Shirley Maddox
Joe Markunas
Dr. Christine McCartney
Raymond and Leslie Meads
Richard Moss17
Lt. Col. George Mounce, III, USAF (ret.) and Priscilla Mounce28
Patrick and Laurel Olson
Tom and Rhonda Orazio13
Janet Railsback
Bruce Rasche, II
Rock and Christy Sander
Robert and Maureen Schroeder13
Clark Smith10
Allan and Lynn Spitzer
Lynne Stacy
Dr. Paul and Jayne Thistle
Gregory Traxler
James and Janice Voukidis
Thomas and Pamela Ward10
Frank Wille
Dick Witmer and Georgene Hansen-Witmer
Gary Wright
Rick and Jane Yecny10

CLASS OF 1978 -- 10% participation
Manny Hotchkiss, PE and Mary Ryan-Hotchkiss19
Mark and Patricia Baker27
Nancy Deeks
Col. Mike Irwin and Lt. Col. Lori Irwin, USAF (ret.)
Walter and Kathryn Calder
David and Janet Johnstone
Dr. James and Carol Kopp
Carlos and Lena Murillo10
Colin Stout, Jr. and Donna-Lee Moore-Stout
Marc and Han Yun Swafford
Mike and Carolyn Viles
Brian and Kathy Warner
Gary and Susan Corgan14
Jeff and Mary Jewell10
Steve and Suzanne Taylor
James and Susan Walcutt
Bob and Marcie Wann
Peter Wong and Peggy Auyeung Wong13
Maj. Lois Cersovski, USAF
Paul Eichin18
Lorren Fletcher
Wendy Gilligan12
Kathryn Ludviksen18
Michael Miller
Jerrold Sutton
Lynn Szender
Bill Valent
Maureen Witt
Larry and Marilyn McVey
Zane and Lela Miller
Dr. Jim and Mary Stempel
Dr. William and Ann Synan
Jeffrey and Janet Tally
Jim Keogh, III and Jane Nibler-Keogh16
Michael Snow, Ph.D. and Charlene Snow
Ken and Audrey Underdahl
Rick and Jane Yecny10
Jim and Diane Kintz27
Wayne and Shawn Wiege14
Michael and Deborah Myers

CLASS OF 1979 -- 13% participation
Maj. Brian Bergquist, USAF (ret.)27
Darryl and Teresa Wong
Pedro and Esther Alcocer
Ronald Alexander
Jeffrey and Linda Bartle21
Carol Brain
Casey and Claudia Callan
Edwin and Kathleen Campion
Stephen Capellas and Jeannie Bryant-Capellas
Dr. Charles Capps, III and Patricia Capps
Chris and Diana Carlson13
Cliff Colvin and Constance Colvin, Ph.D.
Gregory and Megan Cooper
Dr. Roger and Marilyn Crabbs
Kermit and Marguerite Duncan
Michael Federovitch26
Donald and Jeanie Feltz27
Jim and Jane Fenton
David and Anne Figueira
Tony Galati27
Earl and Sandra Gjelde
Richard and Frances Hansen
Michael Hanten and Joan Bellant-Hanten, JD
Cynthia Harrison
Gordon and Sandra Hickey
Col. Mike Irwin and Lt. Col. Lori Irwin, USAF (ret.)
Eva Jenkins
David and Rachel Kammeyer13
Jim and Diane Kintz27
Patrick and Kathleen Laper11
Jon and Dennise Larson
Mary MalickiH
Tom and Tami Martin
Jim Mullaney, Jr. and Sheryl Mullaney
Gene Munson, Jr. and Fran Munson
John and Nancy Murakami27
Larry and Linda Nye18
Dennis and Bonnie O'Brien
John Pearson, RN and Miriam Pearson
John and Mary Percin
Michael and Victoria Quinn
Julie Reinking
Sheila Shapiro
Rosalie Sheldon
Lewi and Kathy Snader
John and Martha Stephenson
Claudette Summerville13
David Todd, Ph.D. and Kathleen Todd
My and Lu Ann Van-Dinh
Marvin and Joanne Vining
James Walters and Susan Walters, M.D.
Wayne and Shawn Wiege14
Steven Yochim and Jerrene Murray
Gordon and Bev Ziegler
Mark and Mary Zipse14

CLASS OF 1980 -- 9% participation
Mike and Cheryl Cebula28
Martin and Judy LarsonP
Gregory and Amy Snyder
Mark and Danelle Wiese26
Scott and Kevin Anselm
Mark and Joyce AuxierP
James and Lavonne Berentson
Brion and Patricia Blais
Jeff and Cheryl Brown
Linda Clarke
Ross and Constance Degerstedt
Salvatore and Colleen Di Paola
Jim Dorigan, Jr.
Andrew Grove
Ronald and Donita Hazlett
Mark and Maria Henry
Terry and Holly Kaplan16
James and Cheryl KerrP,19
Andrew and Barbara Kyler
Mark and Marcia Liebe
Jerome Lux
Robert and Catherine Melich
Heidi Moore
David Nemarnik26
David and Cece Padon
Brad Parberry10
Mark Paresi
Jane Pluemke
George Ramirez and Sarah Henderson
Phillip and Deborah Reddy
Kathleen Ritter
Jay and Amber Turnage
David and Maureen Uhlmeyer
Rodger and Pam VanVoorhis
Jan and Nancy Wanamaker
Ed and Susan Ward
Matt and Erin Weisensee
Margaret Wells
Daniel and Sue Wilson
Bruce Zimmerman and Kathleen Weber

CLASS OF 1981 -- 9% participation
Earl Heberlein and Therese Scott, DO
Paul and Kirsten Keller
Charlie and Anne Porcelli
Jim and Jeannette Tursi
Daniel and Sheila Allawatt
Gregory Boe
Gerard Bolden
Kenneth and Laure Boucher
Phil and Sharon Cebula15
Ronald and Linda Chelsky
Gordon Clifford13
Maj. Paul DeRego, USAF and Ruth DeRego
George and Jill Fanous
Sam and Carol Fenstermacher17
Arthur and Stormy Greenawald17
Philip and Kristy Harrigan12
Robert Hart, PE and Cynthia Hart16
Maj. Ronald and Donita Hazlett
Dean Hebner15
David Hepler
Michael and Helen Hortsch12
Norman and Lenore Jarvis
Peter and Denise Jones
Brian and Julie Kempster15
Debbie Kimbrell
Steven and Karen+ Kness
David Krichevsky
Andy and Lorynne Lock
Dan and Robin Malone
Sherry Marini
Tom and Tami Martin
Lt. Kristy McNulty, US Army (ret.)
Michelle Miller
Claire Mitchell14
Michael and Kathy Plass
Capt. Wilfred Posten, USAF
John and Jean Rischiotto
Dr. Shammai and Theresa Rockove
Mike and Rosalba Scotto
Michael and Diane Slowik14
Steve and Suzanne Taylor
Mike Tobin
Peter Wong and Peggy Auyeung Wong13
Kenney and Theresa Wright25
Larry and Kathy Zinsli

CLASS OF 1982 -- 11% participation
Chris and Kimra Corrado
Ed Hull, Jr. + and Marcia Moore-Hull
Paul and Kirsten Keller
Mark and Cathy Myers12
Doug and Marie VerMeerP,14
Dave Wendroff, CPA and Wendy WendroffP
Dr. Michael and Mary Blatner
Kenneth and Laure Boucher
Charles Calvert
Gary Cederlind, DO and Cathy Cederlind
Lyle Cummins, Jr. and Jean Cummins
Craig and Christy Dunn20
Gary Edgren
Jeff and Heather Elliott
Leroy Etzel and Janine VanAgtmael-Etzel
Jim and Donna Garaventa
A.J. and Annette GomezP
Jeffrey and Catherine Gullickson
Vern and Olivia Hearn
Tim Herrmann
Myron and Greta Hertel
Michael and Helen Hortsch12
Gary and Joy Hunt
Robert and Jill Jarrett
David and Rachel Kammeyer13
David and Susan Kauth
Frank King
Allyson Landreville12
Bruce and Denise Lundquist
Paul and Mary Mardesich
Will and Megan Mayall15
Richard and Shauna McReynolds
Larry and Judith Meneghin
Reza and Anna Nassib11
David and Charmaine O'Connor
Larry and Beth Pillers
Karl Quade14
John and Jean Rischiotto
Kirk and Sheryl Robinson
Jeff and Kathryn Smith
Col. Kevin Smith, USAF and Vicki Smith
Earl Smith and Eileen Cebula Smith
John Sokol
Robert Towne and Margaret Fainer-Towne
Renee Tyler
Joe White15
Rob and Barbara Wiest21

CLASS OF 1983 -- 11% participation
Craig and Katherine Christenson
George and Donna LaFrazia25
Frank Leipzig17
Mark and Cathy Myers12
Mark and Ivy Pillers
Michael Kelley Rap11
Frank and Vickie Altenhofen10
Lee and Teri Banta
Phil and Barbara Busch
William and Carolyn Criteser27
Fred and Kerry Czuba
Joy Davis
Dennis DerrahP
Donald and Marian Dinsmore14
Herb and Gail Douglas
George Fox
Mary Pat Graff
Dave Grove, Jr. and Shellie Grove
Randy and Nancy Hansell
Roy Heynderickx, Ph.D. and Kathleen HeynderickxP,19
Rick Hoskins and Barbara Ching-Hoskins
Greg Hoyt
Ray and Charlotte Kanemori17
Steve and Jean Karich13
Craig and Cindy Kawasaki
Bob Kerns and Anna Lageson
Col. Patrick Kilroy and Monique Amba-Kilroy
Kelly and Joan Kintz21
Julie Kleffner
Rick and Anne Kunkle17
Tom Lehman and Karen Yoder-Lehman
Brian and Katie Maag
Paul and Mary Mardesich
Leonard Matecki and Sandy Brumbaugh10
Gerald and AnnaMcClintock
Robert and Jean Mitchell
Sally Palmiter
Pat and Noreen Regan16
Daniel Riler
Robert and Angela Roarty
Jane Slater
Charles Smith and Deborah Micallef-Smith
Raymond and Helen Vandervort
Douglas Verigin and Rev. Kate Verigin
Dwight and Alison Wallis
Larry and Peggy Weber
Thomas and Connie Wellner

CLASS OF 1984 -- 11% participation
Jim and Jeannette Tursi
Mark and Danelle Wiese26
John and Kendall Bell15
Dr. Melvin and Liz DeGraw
Jerry and Dot Delapp
Paul Della15
Michael DesJardin, D.M.D. and Michelle DesJardin
Daniel and Lori Duffy18
William and Susan Fera
Richard and Pat Ferguson
Bob and Cynthia Graham
Don Hanna, Jr. and Kelly Hanna
Richard Hilbig and Debbie Krum14
Scott Hirsch
Dr. Lynn and Melva Ihringer
Nancy Ireland
Gregory and Leann Johnson
Randy and Lori Karambelas10
Chad and Leilani Karasaki
Michael and Terry Karnofski
Lucille Lauron
Michael and Janet Lilly
Kenneth Lulay, Ph.D. and Rebecca Erickson-Lulay10
Mark and Pauline Lum
Richard and Fabienne Marshall
Kathleen Martin21
Bob and Gail Mueller
Mike Peden and Dr. Rita Bettenberg
Kathy Perko
Matt and Jamie Powell
Jean Pruett
Greg Prusynski and Kelly Reed-Prusynski
Allan Sacker, M.D. and Lisa Sacker
Brian and Julie Satterwhite15
Karel Shane
Ralph and Kim Studer
Theresa Tichy
Brad and Megan VandeheyP,15
Lt. Col. Curtis and Carol Ann Viall
Matt Waite and Margi BrownP,12
Mark and Kelly Sue Weber
Matt and Erin Weisensee
Timothy Welp and Robin Shea
Jim and Kathy Wiechelman14
Roger and Kimberly Wigfield12

CLASS OF 1985 -- 7% participation
Jim EtzelP,13
Margaret Keller
Steve Albert and Agnes Romanaggi Albert
Mike and Kelly Alley16
Carol Bluhm
Leslie Breaux
Belinda Buenafe
Rex and Theresa Capri
Andrea Chek15
Jeffrey Chvilicek, M.D. and Brigid Chvilicek20
Leandro and Concepcion Fajardo
Brian Flynn
Hans Griem and Michelle Oh
Michael and Barbara Hallum
Scott and Mary Beth Lynn20
Tim and Trish Martin
Guy Masterson12
Allen Mills, M.D. and Marie Mills
Ryan Oliver and Kathy Johnsen-Oliver
Dave and Michelle O'Neill10
Paul and Loriann Pimentel
Matt and Jamie Powell
Pat and Noreen Regan16
James and Pamela Ross
James and Kathy Schlotfeldt
Keith and Renee Seed
Brian Tansy11
Joe and Laura Van Dyke
David Van Horn and Kelly Krautscheid Van Horn
Mark and Joyce Vierck
Bob Watkins and Patricia Farrell
Andre Wong

CLASS OF 1986 -- 11% participation
Jim and Joanne Burns
Mary Ann Dranchak15
Pat Johnson
Tim and Missi Morgan
Dan and Heather O'Leary
Dr. Michael and Jane Widmer
Edwin and Sara Ackerman
Kristen Allen
Vonnie Alto
William and Connie Anctil
Gordon and Shirley Barnes
Jim Baucom
Steven Bratt and Nancy O'Neill-Bratt
James and Lisa Campanella14
John Cebula, CPA and Tanja Cebula22
Robert and Gwendolyn Conner13
Fernando and Ginger Corrada
Dr. James and Sally Covert10
David and Karen DeRego
Brian and Denise Donaldson
Gary and Rosaline Fleming
Jennifer Grau
Carolyn Hainisch
Glen Hostetter and Kristina Westin
Scott and Martha Jacobs
Marshall and Nancy Lynn-King
Joe Lang
Jane Leong
Scott and Michelle Matsuoka13
Brett and Sue Moshofsky
Cary and Mary Nakayama
Mark and Laura Nicolls
Wayne and Mary Normand14
Kenneth and Stephanie Park
Norm and Lisa PaulsonP
Gary and Debra Pete
Dr. Christine Portland
Scott and Julianne Pugh14
Ermel and Christine Quevedo
Jim and Colette Reed
Gerald and Virginia Reiner
Grace Reisling
David and Margie Schmutz
George and Tami Scott
Keith and Renee Seed
Russell Segawa22
Thomas and Eileen Stein
John and Fran Thompson
Joe and Laura Van Dyke
Vincent and Tina Weatherill
Loneda Wiberg
Mark and Doreen Wilsdon
Phil and Joanne Woodall

CLASS OF 1987 -- 10% participation
Paul Henningsen, Jr. and T-Kae Henningsen
Don Romanaggi, Jr. and Patricia Romanaggi19
James and Nina Adamson
Bill and Mary Akers
Kristin Barbieri
Robert Booher
Michael and Cecilia Brennan20,H
David and Cecilia Buchanan
Michael Cabbell and Ruth White-Cabbell
Barb Canaday
Jim Cessna, Jr. and Tammie Cessna10
Scott and Jennifer Chacon
Ray Cooper
Paul and Theresa Duda, RN MSN CPNP10
Michael and Meredith Eldridge
Michelle Ellis
Russell Eng
Sandy Ferguson
Mary Beth Fettig
Jeff and Karen Friesen12
James and Annmarie Haldeman
Brad and Carole Hermanson
Karen Hornshuh
Todd Hubbell and Jodi Delahunt Hubbell
David Huffaker and Kathy Bosze-Huffaker
Michael and Theresa Kern
Herb and Mary Klopfenstein
Ronald and Wendy Kosloski
Bryan and Paula Locker
Sanford Maddox, Jr. and Shirley Maddox
Tom and Sheila Manning
John and Tami Marick
Jerome and Pat Markesino
Lance and Bonnie Marshall
Dan and Kay McMurry
Michael and Heidi Miles
Liz Nafus
Mark and Laura Nicolls
Jan and Judith Oberg13
David and Mary Sue Richen
Dr. Ivan Rokos and Dr. Ann Rokos
Mark and Paula Vandehey
Anthony and Kathryn Waibel
Mark and Dawn Weinbender
Colleen Wing
Howard Wong
Renee Wong
Bill and Sharon Young
Arthur and Rosa Zehner

CLASS OF 1988 -- 12% participation
Pat Becker, Jr. and Tabitha BeckerP,12,H
Mark Cooney and Leigh Anne CooneyP,12
Dan and Heather O'Leary
Bill and Mary Akers
Stuart and Margaret Albright10
Mark Anctil
Rev. Ronald Belisle
Lewis Brainerd, III and Norma Brainerd11
Casey and Claudia Callan
Eleanor Carleton
Jason and Annie Carlson
Jeffrey Chvilicek, M.D. and Brigid Chvilicek20
Col. Mark and Tammie Colbert
Brian Comfort
John and Amy CooneyP
Stephen and Molly Cox
Keith and Jean Craig13
Jeff and Lori Culley
Paul Eskeldson
Andrew Flor and Julie Oliver-Flor
Brian Fryer and Betty Cooper-Fryer
Craig and Pamela Gehrke
Ray and Tatia Giraud15
Steven Hallberg and Susan Hinken, M. libr.
Terry and Trudi Hewitt18
Nithyanand and Carol Iyer
Patrice Jacob
Stacey Johnson
Kevin and Rose Jones21
Hank and Kay Jones
Arne and Melinda Kainu
Michelle Kapitanovich
Michael and Theresa Kern
Mike and Lori KirbyP,11
Herb and Mary Klopfenstein
Loriann Kogachi
James and Kathleen KuffnerP,16
Ed and Rebecca LangP
Mike and Jeanne Larkin11
Jill Larsen
Ronald Leon and Lorelynn Rux
Deana MacKay13
John and Kristine Maneely
Anne Marcus
William Michaelson and Marti Pausback
James Mullen and Susan Lynn
Cary and Mary Nakayama
Randy Navarra and Danielle Engels
Jason and Julia Omelchuck
Tom and Nancy Pabreza16
David Parks and Joyce Jakubiak21
Jeff Passadore and Margo McDowell Passadore
Richard Poese and Peggy Delaney
Jodi Remensperger
Jeff and Debbie Rink16
Brian and Julie Satterwhite15
Scott and Ardna Seiffert
Christopher and Mindy SenkoP
Philip Sheridan and Dr. Katy Sheridan
Sean and Beth Sweeney
Marguerite Walbridge
Dr. Jeff White
James Wilmes

CLASS OF 1989 -- 10% participation
Jack and Andrea Fund
Will Kessi, Jr. and Karen Kessi
Dr. Michael and Bridget LeforP
Rick and Mary Jo McCloskeyP,11
Rick and Yuko Aizawa
Dan and Carrie Allumbaugh
Wendy Baldwin
Beth Berg
Dr. Michael and Julie Bohley13
Thomas and Shari Brown
Jeff and Jody Collins
Pat Ell and Dr. Kristen Ell10
Alan and Susan Gallagher
Tom Getten and Janice HammondP,11
Dr. Steve and Deborah Gist
Joel and Jodi Hanson
Melinda Helms20
Pasha and Eileen Horiuchi
Doug Kramer
Doug Looney
John and Joni Lorenz
David Micheletti and Baine Wilson-Micheletti2
Kathleen Mulder, PE
Jim and Marie Neilan
Timothy Newton and Beth Didomenico
Dr. Thomas and Sheryl Nixt
Christ and Mary Pappas
Debra Parsons
Jeff Passadore and Margo McDowell Passadore
Michael and Joan Pierce14
Ken and Susan Reade
Philip and Kim Robbins
Terry and Bonnie Roggenkamp
Christopher and Mindy SenkoP
Rick and Louisa Sills, MN
James Sollars, Ph.D. and Pamela SollarsP,14
Christopher and Andrea SperryP,11
Bob and Ava-Maria Stevens
Marcia Tate
Kevin and Nancy Trevena
Mike and Catherine Wanner
Marietta Wright18

CLASS OF 1990 -- 8% participation
John and Michelle BeckerP
Mark and Leigh Anne CooneyP,12
Rick and Tina Probst
Paul and Susan Adcock
Mike and Susan Austin
Thomas and Laura Barreras
Raymond and Gina Buckel10
John and Kathi Butorac
Brad Cady and Marta Palmquist-Cady
Jim Carleton, USAF (ret.) and Marcy Carleton
Barbara Cheyney
Doug Christiansen13
Jack and Julie Ann Costello
Keith and Nancy Darlow
David and Erica Dudek
Tom and Karen Flores
Pat Gallagher
Mark and Julie Jacobson11
George and Pam Jewett
Chad and Leilani Karasaki
Mike and Lori KirbyP,11
Chuck and Jodi Lietz
Lori Little
John and Joni Lorenz
Timothy and Anne Martin
Jesse and Melinda Miguel
Patrick Milner
Greg and Nora Mylet
Hung and Angela Nguyen
Bruce and Jana Patterson
Rollin and Jane Reeves
Brian Reiling
Mark and Magally Rollice
Jason Russ
Todd and Melissa Sauer
Mike Schwab and Tara WangsmoP
Christopher and Andrea SperryP,11
Bridget StewartP,10
Lisa Swei
James and DeAnn VanNessP
Gary Welp

CLASS OF 1991 -- 9% participation
Rob BaartsP
Steven and Denise Bergstrom
Pat and Laura Bourcier
Brian and Amy Burke
John and Kathi Butorac
Monica Connolly
Christopher and Gloria Datu
Pat Ell and Dr. Kristen Ell10
Karen Elliott
Jerry and Mary Fleming
Barry and Susan Garriety
David and Julie Gorretta
Doug and Cheryl Hargin
Molly Hart
Sharon Heim
Matt Hendricks and Shannon (Ransom) Hendricks
Kevin and Teri-Kay Johnson
Thomas and Deborah Kapfer17
Fred and Wendy Kirsch
Chad Kirstein
Pete LaFranchise
Phillip Leaf, RN, BSN, MS, ARNP-C and Jan Leaf
Gary and Mari Malychewski
Kevin and Jayne Mitchell
Dale and Amparo Moon16
Harry Muljono
Grant and Linda Nakata
Jeanette Neva
Bryon and Laura Nevis
Jeff and Stefanie Reed
Robert Reed and Jennifer Stout-Reed
Joseph and Patricia Salas
Lee and Kristine Samuelson
Randy Schafer
Rick Schindler11
Jolene Siemsen
Michael and Lisa Storaci
Ken Struckmeier
Cory Thompson
John Tourtelot
Clint and Sarah Warta
Diane Welch
Michael and Naomi Williams
Peggy Zipperer

CLASS OF 1992 -- 8% participation
Maria A.Y. Garcia13
Bert and Susan Loosmor
Richard and Sandra Schwary
Garrett and Christina SmithP
Wayne and Patricia Alderman
Tracy and Christie Bone
Tim and Maureen Briare
Owen and Jeannie Carey
Kevin and Amy Carl
Laura Carle
Maj. Thomas Clarke, USAF and Karen Clarke
Robert and Gwendolyn Conner13
Charles Croy and Karen Keough13
Larry and Chris Didway
Dr. Brian Donahue and Dr. Tracey McHenry
Andrea D'Ostroph, M.D.
Patricia Gleason
Dan and Linda Gray
Jacinta Haas
George and Mary Hanigan
Dana Hillyer
Michael and Tania Hyatt-Evenson
Charles and Anne Jochim
Wayne Lu, Ph.D. and Hsiu Lu
Terry and Carol Marlink
Kenneth and Kris McConnell
Kevin and Sara Murphy
John Murphy
Su Nelson
Kirk Nichols and Anna EvensonP
Charles and Camille Olcese
Everett Pearson and Terry Clifford-Pearson
Peter and Andrea Raschio
Randy and Patricia Ridgley17
Lee and Kristine Samuelson
Herb and Chantel Spiering
Denise Struckmeier
Mary VanSickle
John and Janene Walkky
Jeff Welter
Brian Wilson
Miles and Lisa Wiltrout

CLASS OF 1993 -- 5% participation
Richard Baek
Daniel and Carey Wendle
George and Beth Adams
Tony and Tina Ahlbrecht
Gerald and Laura Angelo
Nikki AudetteP
Mike and Karin Beagle
Shannon Cary
Michael and Carey Cavaliere
Charles Croy and Karen Keough13
Terrence and Tracie Cullen
Jason and Jessica Geis
Alan and Irene Hendrickson
Sr. Jane Hibbard, S.N.J.M.
Roxie Hobart
Erin Hornung
Clarke Hylton
Michael Kawata12
Frederick and Nancy Kreienkamp
Kelly Mills
Clay Newton and Dianna Turner
Tin Nguyen
Mark and Alison Nightingale
Dr. Kenneth Ohm and Dr. Ruth Ohm
Desiree Quint
Ken and Mary Rumbaugh
Scott Ryan and Anne Cooney
Joseph and Patricia Salas
Marc Scales
Thomas Shewski15
Sharon Vallandingham
Clarito and Concepcion Viray
Miles and Lisa Wiltrout

CLASS OF 1994 -- 6% participation
William and Sandra Katafias
Andrew Mendenhall, M.D. and Amy Mendenhall
Suzanne Wizer
Owen and Jeannie Carey
Michael and Carey Cavaliere
Chris Cochran
Jason Dhanens and Tanya Wangsmo12
Jerome and Claudia Dietrich
Andrea Egger
Eileen Feather
Meris Gebhardt
Darek Grant
Tom and Woesha Hampson
Bob Hoffman, RN and Angel Nawrot
Kimberley La Morticella
William and Judy Lowery
Matt and Sarah MattecheckP
Sean and Michelle McGill12
Virginia McGregor
Steve Moser and Katie Hanigan Moser12
Jennifer Padua
Kenneth and Noelle Parducci
Linda Pendexter
Lawrence and Janis Phelan
Scott Ryan and Anne Cooney
David and Laurie Sherburne
Walter and Judy Skelton
Lt. Col. Randy and Carin Smith
Pat Sweeney and Bonnie Toon-SweeneyP
Matthew and Meghan Tousley
Colin and Angela Wardlaw
David and Deborah White

CLASS OF 1995 -- 7% participation
Ryan ReillyP,12
Robert Albright, Ph.D., PE and Libby Albright
Wayne and Patricia Alderman
Jeanie Arant
Shawn Baxter
Becky Beeler
Anna Beraun
Alane Collar
Iris Dann
Philip and Deborah Dean
Lori Duax
J. and Patricia Griswold
Mike and Jennifer Hanton
Erick and Katherine Haynie
Hope Hedeman Lawson
Martin and Dawn Hehman
Justin Hendrickson and Jennifer Derry-Hendrickson
Alan and Irene Hendrickson
Bridget Honan
James Horrell14
Jacy Johnston
Debra Monahan
Bethany Morillo
Chris Pfeifer and Joy BoswellP
Thomas and Katie Prill
Jeff Renner14
Michael Russell
Adam and Renee SaleP
Roland and Mariesha San Nicolas
Christina Sigler
Mark Smit and Jacqueline Arcouette-Smit
Melissa Stalnaker
Kevin and Jennifer Stanaway
Laurie Thorp
Tammy Upton
Dennis and Dawn Weiler
Steve and Maureen Wilson
Jeff and Sarah Worthington

CLASS OF 1996 -- 8% participation
Dr. Patrick and Carmen GastonP
Michael Stanton11
Ronda Adkins
Alan Batts11,H
Tom Boardman and Nancy Huck
Terry and Kristin Brooks
Mary Burtram
Dr. Michael and Sandy Cannon
Kristen Colyer
Christine Dash
Dave and Beth Downey
Daryl Eli
Kasey and Jami Flicker
Isaac Frazier
George and Vilma Freese
Sean Havens
Mairi Hennessy
Benjamin and Brandie Hofmeister
Heidi Holman
Gregory and Kristen Kienzle
Mike and Elizabeth Killion
Andrew and Anani Kuffner
Robert and Elizabeth Lawson
Bryan and Paula Locker
Matt and Sarah MattecheckP
Michael and Sandra Mueller
Mary Nelson
Gerald and Jennifer Osacho
Rev. Daniel Parrish, C.S.C.
Monica Popp
Lichen Pursley and Stacy Harrop
Brandon Ray
Brian Robinson
Jack and Mattie Roscoe
Marc and Julie Ryan
Robert and Christi Schultz
Travis and Terra Schultz
Michael and Cynthia Smith
Harry and Robyn Smith
Stefan and Jennifer Tanouye
Jim and Brenda Vogeltanz
Dan and Susan Whitford

CLASS OF 1997 -- 4% participation
Stephen and Christina Doerfler
John and Shannon Shoul
Doug Augsburger
Patrick Baker
Tom and Christy Batsell
Sean and Alicia Brady
Gary and Jinx Brandt
Chiang-Chien Chi
Don and Amy CorcoranP
Philip Desrosiers
Jason Dhanens and Tanya Wangsmo12
Tony and Helen DiSpigno
Jennifer Doane
Erik Fernandez
Kasey and Jami Flicker
Brandon and Melissa Gray
Stephen Heidt and Wendy Norton-Heidt
Lorissa Hemmer
Sean Holland
Robert and Shirley Kanekoa
Bobbi LindahlP
Nathan and Alysoun Lowe
Sharrief Metoyer
Mark and Alison Nightingale
Scott and Jennifer Ogren
Lichen Pursley and Stacy Harrop
Jeff and Nichole Schott

CLASS OF 1998 -- 5% participation
Stephen and Christina Doerfler
Jason McDonald and Tasha Wangsmo-McDonaldP,10
Rob and Carla SandersP,12
Andrew and Lisa Aebi
Robert and Christina Bournelis
Bryan and Jessamyn Bothwell
Don and Amy CorcoranP
Dr. Tanya Crenshaw
Ryan Douglas
Craig and Genelle Duyck
Rian Furey10
Brandon and Melissa Gray
Lesley Heinrich10
Amy Herrington
Peter and Janet Johnson
David and Julie Kline
Sean and Jennifer McIntosh
Robin Menke and Colleen Fallon-Menke
Micky and Zibby Merritt
Joy Michnowicz
Capt. Jonathan and Amphay Oakes
Allison OnchiP
Dirk Onosaki
Scott Reis
Kent and Nancy Richards
Dr. Matthew and Melissa Rocha
Damon and Nora Sarant
Mike Schwab and Tara WangsmoP
Maj. Paul Staeheli and Megan Moses
Brian and Meagan Struby

CLASS OF 1999 -- 2% participation
Josh and Barbi Bailey
Joel and Kimberly Calkins
Mark Chase
Sarah Imholt
Daniel Jacobson
Pat and Mary KessiP
Ryan Lafrenz and Jessica Anderson
Luke and Erin Maher
Chris and Stephanie Mallory
Colin and Robbie McGintyP
Vicky Munoz
Adam and Kealey Sitler
Jill Van Blarcom
Maria Van Houten
Derik Vowels and Amanda Calnan Vowels
William Watson
Richard and Tracy WeithasP
Chris and Lisa Wiederholt

CLASS OF 2000 -- 3% participation
Jerry and Heather Carleton
Capt. David Gregory and Capt. Rebecca MacIsaac10
Steve Kolmes, Ph.D. and Linda Fergusson-Kolmes, MS14
Darlene Abraham
Tina Alexander
Mike Altenburg and Moreen Minkoff
Brent and Kristen Ballou
Spencer Barber and Evelyn Morales
Jennifer Benedict
Jeff and Cheryl Brown
Joshua and Laura Chisholm
Tony and Helen DiSpigno
David Doe16
Gino and Jessica Graziano
William Henley
Bob and Emily Ludwikoski
Bayron and Marjorie Martinez
Jeff Mergler and Marie Wollam-Mergler
Doris Miller
Brianne Oldenburg
Asbjorn Osland, Ph.D. and Joyce Osland, Ph.D.
Greg Pedersen
Kent Perera
Dr. Shane Riedman
Ron and Julie Sherman
Jessie Smith
Craig and Melissa Sopke
Jennifer Swinton
Jonathan and Brook Trtek
Eric Wieland and Angela Brown

CLASS OF 2001 -- 3% participation
Jerry and Heather Carleton
Capt. David Gregory and Capt. Rebecca MacIsaac10
Lewis Lum, Ph.D.
DJ and Summer WidmerP
Bryan and Jessamyn Bothwell
Carl Buchheit
Jeanne Cartwright
Paul Desilet, Jr. and Darci Desilet
Lizzy Docken
Tyler Erskine
Hawken Flanagan
Joe Flannigan
Gino and Jessica Graziano
Susie Imholt
Justin Johnson
Tom and Amy Johnson
Sean Kelly and Marianne Hoonakker-KellyP
Elisa Kennedy
Kathy Kenny
Chris McBride
Sara McGee
Maia Nolan
Debbie Osborne
Mark Pinho
Jim Price, Sr. and Suzanne PriceP
Ben and Karina Reddaway
Jon Reitzenstein
Rosalind Rockweit
Drew and Hillary RyanP
Kara Seil
Ron and Julie Sherman
Mark and Becky Uranga
Cicely Waters
Andrew Weisbeck and Jerilyn Wen Weisbeck
Kassie Westmoreland
Eric Wieland and Angela Brown
Jason Williamson and Jennifer Belknap Williamson

CLASS OF 2002 -- 5% participation
Daniel and Sarah Opfer
DJ and Summer WidmerP
Danny and Kristen Arrigotti
Alec and Sarah BaileyP
Rachel Barry-Arquit
Peter and Tara Barsotti
Angela Batie
Joe and Andrea Bessman
James Bosa and Hilary Stemp
Scott Butcher and Beth Buyserie
Dan Campbell
Bryan DearingerP
Angela DeConinck
Michael Driessen
Hugh Dyer
Jason ErbP
Kevin Fay
Kay Fortin
Mike and Rayne Funk
Ian and Korrin Fyall
Daniel and Terra Groom
Ronald and Vania Heberlein
Vail and Beth Horton
Tom and Amy Johnson
Bill Keller
Tony Leverman
Paul and Shelley Luty16
Caroline Mackey
Martha Maus
Christopher Meyer
Paul Myers, Ph.D. and Shannon McNassar-MyersP,16
Dave Mylet
Gordon Oliver and Patricia Cary, RN, MSN
Erin Rice
Marcus and Crystal Rowley
Drew and Hillary RyanP
Craig and Melissa Sopke
Bruce and Diane Tarbet
Paul Truzzolino
Nathan and Saepyol Warren
Andrew Weisbeck and Jerilyn Wen Weisbeck
Greg Wurtz

CLASS OF 2003 -- 4% participation
Daniel and Sarah Opfer
Danny and Kristen Arrigotti
Alec and Sarah BaileyP
Larry and Denise Bekkedahl
Leigh Boone
Ryan Brown and Andrea DooleyP
Annie Burlison
Brian and Stephanie Cahill
Chris Cheshire
Jon Clark
Christopher Damore
Julie DeHague
Luke EasterlyP
Valerie FletcherP
Mike Hagan
Linda Hepokoski
Kathryn Hickok
Christian Hildebrandt
Alex Jones
Ryan Kinsella
Phil and Katie Leder
Diana Lyssenko
Mac and Jessica McIntosh
Emily McNaughton
Lt. David and Paige Miller
Emily PattersonP
Stacey Pederson
Jared and Lindsay PerkinsP
LeAnn Polin
Gino Ramos
Sara Riley
Marcus and Crystal Rowley
Marcus Sacco
Cate Schneider
Shelly WallaceP
Nate Weiss
Tony and Alexandra Westover
Louise Wisner

CLASS OF 2004 -- 3% participation
Susan Babcock
Galen Banghart
Courtney Berry
Brian and Stephanie Cahill
Chantelle Castle
Ryan Craig
Susan Decker, RN, Ph.D.10
John and Brittany Domingo
DeShane Greaser
Leigh Harper
Katharine Harris
Cameron Headley
Linda Huynh
Kyle Johnson
Kacy KeippelaP
Sean Kelly and Marianne Hoonakker-KellyP
Bayron and Marjorie Martinez
Melinda McCarthy
John McGlone
Ryan and Astin Bush
Jennifer Pelkey
Jacque Rhemrev
Joel Rosinbum
Judy Rubio
Emilie Stayner
Capt. Michael Toy
Jenny Walker
Tony and Alexandra Westover
Megan Wilber
William Wilson, III and Terri Wilson

CLASS OF 2005 -- 4% participation
Joe KuffnerP
Tracy Acker
Gina Agosta
John and Jessica Asay
Sara Balk
Thomas Blume and Renee BryantP
Toni Boesiger
Jay Carleton
Steve and Alexis ChamberlainP
Ryan and Julie Culp
Meredith Davis
Bryan Dennis
Robert Downs, III and Bethany Downs
Justin Englund
Brad Goostree
Edward and Katharine Gunderson
Matthew and Lisa Halderman
Brett Hargrave
Marianne Harris
Tomas Hernandez and Shilo McKenzie
Mark HughesP
Aaron and Nicole Krizek
Matt Lundeen
Emily Machtolf
Kelsey MacKinnon
Megan McManus
Karina Nordahl
David and Brianne PickettP
Bonnie Poffenroth
Rich Rodriguez
Riley Shephard
Nathan Sherfinski
Joshua Steele
Alicia Streit
Price Sullivan, IV
Mason Tabata
Patrick Tippy
Gary and Joan Townsend
Donald Weir
Kristy Willet

CLASS OF 2006 -- 5% participation
Rev. John Donato, C.S.C.
Sean Babcock
Michael and Carol Bruce14
Gina Bucchianeri
Nicole Casabonne
Terry and Connie DavisP,16
Robert Downs, III and Bethany Downs
Thomas Engel
Alex Esson
Sarah Finseth
Andrew Fuchs
Tim Gannon
Patrick Gregg
Matthew and Lisa Halderman
Andi Ham
Jon Haralson
Nathan Herbst
Michal Horace
Jenelle Johnson
Mikha KaielP
Aaron and Nicole Krizek
Devon Lee
Darren and Dawn LloydP
Mark Louie
Ashley Lovato
Theresa McCreary
Salli McElligott
Bobby McKay
Eric and Cynthia Omlin
April Panowicz
Silvino and Norma Quinene
Katie Quinlivan
Gretchen Renggli
Kasey Roberts
Jenna Skedeleski
Kristina Squires
Meg Thomsen
Aaron Treat
Kristin Walker
Shannon Wetherell
Petra Yirsa

CLASS OF 2007 -- 4% participation
Tyler Afflixio
Michael Agosta
Kimberly Agren
Misbah Akhtar
Bryan Alford
David and Nicole AuxierP
Joe and Kiyosha Baird
Dani Bowie
Kendall Cartier
Amity Chu
Drew Davison
Ashley Edwards
Nick Finke
Geoffrey Friason
Kristin Glanville
Leanne GoolsbyP
Kyrion Gray
Kristen Higo
Tricia Howard
Kerry Irvin
Jenni Kuk
Dani McGruer
Teresa Mealy
Meme Moyes
Elena Murillo
Danny Nitahara
Meghan Reed
Will Rossi
Christine Siri
Cassedy Sullivan
Cari Taira
Blair ThomasP
Katrina Vansooy
Erin Waid
Tim Wigington

CLASS OF 2008 -- 5% participation
Norman Aguilar
Jeffrey Argumedo and Jovita Monforte
Tina Bardavid
Jacque Binkley
Kevin Bland
Andy Boyes
Emily Bradvica
Rosalyn Buentipo
Olivia Chrouser
Amabel Conner
Joseph Cruz
Caleb DeChant
Janyl Escalante
Kevin Farr
Terry Favero, Ph.D. and Linda FaveroP
Jenna Finney
Bethany Foran
Chris Gamenthaler
Michelle Guerrero
Akie Imamura
Rachel Jacobus
Lindsey James
Lillian Kidwell
Teresa Kindell
Jeff and Gwynn Klobes11
Darren and Dawn LloydP
Genny Malarky
Jeffrey Malinao
Donovan Matteson
Janet McElligott
Meghann McLinden
Kyle Mechling
Laurie Miller
Brenda Mizuta
September Nelson
Thomas Neveu
Thomas Ngo
Patrick Orr
Sarah Ott
Glenn and Tessie Prentice14
Solange Prudente
Mike Rittman
Tyler Sanborn
Katie Selvog
Anthony and Ann Marie Toves
Michael and Jenny Walsh
Marie Wessling
Danielle Zipp

CLASS OF 2009 -- 22% participation
Allison Able
Juleen Adelman
David Akamine
Melissa Arte
Joyce Attar
Todd Austin
Adele Axness
Rocio Banuelos
Amy Bartram
Aaron Baum
Justin BaumannP
Dan and Fay BeelerP,11
Kim Benrath
Jake Benz, Jr.
Peter Beringhaus
Tommy Betterbed
Mitch Biegler
Arthur Bimrose
Lacey Bitter
Carolyn Blumenson
Jovelyn Bonilla
Lacey Boren
Rachel Boshears
Jason Bowlsby
Sarah Brann
Eric Breaux
Michelle Breen
Elisha Brooks
Matt Brown
Chris Brox
Danielle Bruno
Ryan Brutocao
Jeffrey Buckingham
Kyle Bunch
Mary Burchett
Katie Burgess
Alison Burke
Charis Cabatu
Blisse Cajacob
Nick Calais
Katherine Carlos
Craig Casey
Dena Cassella
Tiffany Chang
Laurel Charbonneau
Larry and Diane Chun
Amanda Cliffod
Kate Conroy-Yockim
Katherine Cotterell
Joe Coulter
Greg Crossman
Jack Cullen
Amie Dahnke
Andrew Danies
Jackie Dargitz
Patricia Davis
Debra DeFelice
Kelly DeGraaf
Jana Dehnert
Bradford Deluca
Lucia Dempsey
Caroline Devine
Mary Dinsmore
Dana DiProspero
Jena DiTomaso
Shannon Edwards
Tori Empey
Daria Enger
Renee Espinoza
Joanna Farrell
Brian Fassnidge
Jeremy Fisher
Shaun Flerchinger
KC Fox
Doug Franz
Allison Frazeur
Katie Fuchs
Leah Fukuyama
Anthony Garagliano
Graham Garvin
Andrew Gill
Kathy Griffin
Dustin Grote
Steven Hallstone
Ali Hanna
Krystle Hass
Dara Hazama
Jill Hector
Jordan Heim
Charlie Herche
Felix Hernandez
Ashley Hight
Molly Hightower
Kyle Hill
Matthew Hilton
Scott Hinnen
Cory-Alan Hinochi-Ishimine
Alicia Hinton
Elizabeth Holloway
Stacy Holtmann
Joseph Horlacher
Lainey Howard
Taryn Hutton
Chuck Hyde, IV
Mavis Ikeda
Bryan Irwin
Jenna Isakson
Emily Iskra
Claire James
Anthony Jenkins
Kayla Jensen
Danielle Jolicoeur
Brandon Juan
Kristi Kawauchi
Krista Kennedy
Tori Wobbe Kimsey
Kristina King
Kyle Kirsch
Carly Koebel
Christa Kovarik
Megan Kuensting
Lih Kuhlman
Taryn Kuida
Jessie Labrie
Valerie LaCava
Justin Lannoy
Wyeth Larson
Maureen Lathrop
Noah Lewis
Michelle Linscott
John Lisson
Kevin Loomis
Daniel Lower
Jennifer Luetkehans
Kayla Lyons
Terence Macatangay
Riley Mahoney
Jackie Maiers
Jessica Majerus
Lauren McCabe
Katie McCormick
Shannon McDonnell
Rebecca McKee
Evan McNichols
Billy McWood
Molly Melton
Marie Mendez-Nunez
Angie Mergenthal
Chris Miller
Jennifer Miller
Katie Mitchell
Jay Mizuta
Tom Mock
Alex Moore
Joe Moran
Nathan Morrow
Erin Murray
Nicole Nadal
Marissa Nago
Marcie Nakamae
Kelli Nakano
Kendel Nelson
Karli Nelson
Kelly Nemecek
Korie Nicholson
Andrew Norlin
Pat Odenthal
Gavin Okabe
Jeremy Okuda
Stuart Olson
Kevin O'Malley
Alyssa Oshiro
Meesa Otani
Krystyna Owens
Brendan Padden
Julianne Padron
Karen Pala
Tiso Panapa
Tyler Paradis
Leanne Paredes
Shawn Patterson
Allison Pech
Bryan Pedersen
Doug Pederson
Christine Pedroza
Sarah Peruzzaro
Bethanie Peterson
Molly Petschl
Hunter Petterson
Whitney Piper
Megan Pizzitola
Lissy Powell
Devin Prater
Rachel Prusynsk
Megan Purcell
Heather Rabe
Macy Ragasa
Griffin Ramsdell
Danielle Redman
Joe Regacho
Elissa Regan
Gretchen Riehm
Julie Robak
Hillary Roberts
Alexandra Rogoz
Robert Russell
Avi Saban
Mari Saif
Mayra Salas
Michael Saldana
Nicole Sandvig
Jordan Schager
Katie Schaub
Kimberly Schildknecht
Brit Schneider
Fabian SchoeppnerP
Chris Seus
Ian Shelledy
Hailey Short
Spencer Silva
Julianne Simmonds
Janel Sislow
Ashley Smith
Richard Somerville
Joanna Spoth
Jessica Stacy
Sarah Stann
Leslie Stephens
Wes Studer
Scott Swearingen
Ben Taketa
Jared Teeley
Adam Tenuta
Sofi Teplitzky
Trevor Teraoka
Alexander Thornton
Brennan Thorpe
Jenny Tibbals
Mia Tibbals
Jeffrey Trousdale
Chelsea Tuck
Brett Turner
Megan Turvey
Paige Van Bruggen
Chris Vanausdoll
Elsa Vang
Christopher Vaughan
Carlin Ventura
Shane Vierck
Sofia Vu
Sarah Warsaw
Molly Weisbeck
Pam Wellner
Steve Westdal
Constance Westmoreland
Whitney Weyhing
Erica Whitfield
Emily Wickstrand
Ashley Wirthlin
Russell Wood
Shawn Wooten
Toni Worden
Andrea Wujek
Ashley Young
Sarah Ziaja

OTHER CONTRIBUTORS (Parents, Students, Friends, Employees)
Joanne Castello
Elsie Franz Finley25,H
Don and Georgette Mareina
David and Anne Munro
Randy and Cindy Pond
Frank and Larree RendaP
Bill and Barbara Seal
Br. Donald Stabrowski, C.S.C.
Ralph and Karen Bliquez
Russ and Terry Danielson
Tom and Mary HercheP
Jerry and Sandra Parsons15
Carl Peters
Marie Riopelle10,H
Jeffrey and Kayla Skidmore
Raymond and Margaret Thiercof
Patty Abraham
Mark and Colleen Able
Joe and Helen Allegretti10
Terry and Barbara Amato
Robin Anderson, Ed.D. and Jean AndersonP,11
Kathy Andrews14
Leonard and Brenda ApletP,11
Michael Arthur
Matthew Baasten, Ph.D. and Elizabeth BaastenP,20
Claudine Bachelor
Steven Baarts
Marge BeckerH
Dan and Fay BeelerP,11
Carolyn Benedict
Walter Bernards, M.D. and Jerry Bernards10
Kevin and Susan Borkowski
Don and Lynn BowlerP
Steve and Carolyn BowsherP
Stan and Virginia Bozich27,H
James and Elizabeth Brasch
Lee Brenneisen
John and Peggy Brockamp16, H
Andy and Nancy Bryant
Bob and Sodelbia Busch14,H
Robert and Mary Bush
Steven and Peggy Busick
Myra Cansler
Carroll Carpenter
Lea Carpenter Brokaw
Fred and Leslie Carter
Len and Elizabeth Cebula11
George and Elaine Chandler
Earle ChilesP,27
Joe and Edith Cholick12,H
Craig and Katherine Christenson
Sr. Maria Ciriello, OP, Ph.D. P,13
Mary ClarkH
Mike and Tracey Clark
Pamela Class
Ronald and Linda Coleman10
Norma ColomboH
Jim and Ivonne Connell
Chris and Kimra Corrado
Mark CrandallP
Dan and Julia DanielsonP
Phyllis Dejardin+,H
James and Veronica Dhanens23
Greg and Bev DiMartino
Ellie Dir
Roger Doyle, DMA and Kay Doyle10,H
Rev. Thomas Doyle, C.S.C.
William Doyle
David and Barbara Dries
Robert Duff, Ph.D. and Vivian Gedaly-DuffP,15
John and Renie Dupar
Rick and Liliana Echevarria
Jack and Carrie Eisenbeis
Bill and Yvonne Elfering
Steve Elorriaga
Rod and Tanya EmoryP
John and Marilyn Faherty10
Steve and Eileen FarleyP,22
Gene Feltz, Esq. and Betty Feltz21,H
Joe and Laurie Ferguson
Fred and Sue Fields21
Drew Force
Perry FoxP
Angela Fredericks
Mark and Leslie Ganz
Larry and Lois GeibP,H
Daniel and Lisa Gemme
Mario and Donna Giordano
Laura Goble
John Goldrick, J.D. and Jackie Goldrick13
Thomas Greene, Ed.D. and Shannon Greene25
Joseph Gregoire
John Gregory
Joseph and Jo-Anne Grote
Leonora Guinazzo
Kenneth Hallenius, III and Julie HalleniusP
Clifford and Laura Ham
John and Debbie Haner12
Bob and Jill Hanigan
Douglas and Dr. Jimmie St. ArnoldP,10
Vicky Hanson
Drew Harrington
Mel and Paula Hartmeier
Don HayesP
Deke and Joan Hays
Dorothy Hearn
Cindy Heikkala
Gerhard and Karla HenkP
Mike Henningsen
Margaret HenziP,20,H
Jeff Herzog and Sharon HoganP
Thomas Hogan, Ph.D. and Margaret Hogan, Ph.D.P
Bruce Hollister24
Jack Horvick and MonicaLongP
Becky Jenkins
Philip and Kathleen JohnstonP
Edward and Elizabeth Johnston
Gregory and Wendy Jones
Bill and Fran KellerH
Mike and Laurie KelleyP
Michael KerkorianP
Robert and Louise Knoll
Rick and Susan KoeP
Dan and Trudi KoebelP
Fred and Irene Krebs11
Al and Anna Kurkoski
Ann LackeyH
Caroline Lackey+
Keith and Cindy Larson
Fernando Leon, M.D. and Dolores Leon, M.D.
Don and Dorothy Lewis11
Larry Lewis, Ph.D. and Adele LewisP
Richard and Joan Lovell
Allen and Kathy Lund
Jim and Audry Lynch13
Luis and Martha Machuca
Judith Mahoney
Tom Mahoney
James Male, Ph.D., PE and Dr. Linda Bley
Bruna MartinelliP
His Eminence Theodore McCarrick, D.D.
Bob and Mary McLaughlin
Alexander and Nancy McVie
Sean Monahan
Marlene Moore, Ph.D.13
Gary Moore and Eileen Marshall
Jeffrey Morrell and Patricia Morrell, Ph.D.12
Dr. Philip and Virginia Morrissey
Jim Mott
Connie Muessle18,H
Tom Mulflur
David and Anne Munro
Anne Murphy
Kenneth Murphy
Mark O'Donnell
Ty Oliver
Lawrence and Dorothy O'Rourke
Phyllis Orrico15
Art and Anita Pascuzzi10
Nick Petroni, Jr. and Colleen Petroni
Dean Pollman
Bruce Pomeroy and Anne Heffernan Pomeroy
Charlie and Anne Porcelli
Rev. Chester Prusynski, C.S.C.13
Denis and Ethel RansmeierP
Scott ReynierP
Marion Riley
Dr. Don Rix
Larry and Vera+ RockwoodH
Tom and Margie Romano
Robin Ruscigno
Ray and Josephine Ruscitti25,H
Brent Schafer
Edward Schmidt
Ginnie Schneider
Art Schulte, Jr., Ph.D. and Ruth Schulte15
Bill and Barbara Sue Seal
Larry Simmons, Ph.D.
Roland and Allyson Simpson
Karl and Peggy SmithP,11
Garry Smith
John and Barbara Soisson15
John and Barbara Squeri25
Fred Statter
James Stemler, Ph.D. and Michele Stemler25
Fred and Peggy+ Stickel
Peter and Julie Stott
Bryce Strang and Elaine Friesen-StrangP
James and Judith StreetP
Cecilia Stuckart+
Bill Tagmyer11,H
Joseph Tennant
Jack and Joy Teske27
C. Theron
Margaret Thompson
Thomas and Mary Tomjack
Martin and Karla Trtek
Mary Jo Tully10
John and Catherine Velotta
Joe Vierra, Jr. and Fran Vierra27
Steve and Cindy Wallo
Joanne Warner, DNS RN
Donn and Sue Wassom
Greg Wentworth
Robert Wentworth
Clarence Wicks+,P
Walter Widmer
Lawrence Williams, II and Laura WilliamsP
Don and Janet Williams
Dorothe Wilson12
Mark and Rita Winczewski
Dave WinfieldP
Zia Yamayee, Ph.D., PE
John Zupan
Victor and Ellen Abbene
Bruce and Rebecca Abbott
Walter and Mary Abramson
Blaine Ackley, Ed.D. and Frances Beebe14
Scott and Kathy Ackley
Charles and Diana Adams
Tim and Georgina Adams
Kathleen Aday
Charles and Julia Adler
Bahram Adrangi, Ph.D.20
Andrew and Lisa Aebi
Irish Africano
Neil and Kathleen Agosta
Victor and Priscilla Aguilar
Rudolof and Brigida Agustin
Christopher Ahearn
James and Michele Ailes
Steven and Cynthia Aisaka
Elroy and Shelley Akamine
Michael Akerman, Ph.D. and Lynn Akerman11
David Alexander, Ph.D. and Paula Tower, Ph.D.11
Michael and Susan Alexander
Andy and Mary Alfiler
Anita Alfonso
Jim and Kellee Alice
Jay Allender and Mary Allender, Ph.D.14,H
Janice Altenhofen
Flora Alton
John and Sue Altstadt
Mario and Marilda Alves
Emilia Amaral
Antonette Amato
Catherine Ambos
Barbara Ambos
James and Susan Amerson
William and Connie Anctil
Terry and Antoinette Anderberg
Jacob and Carolyn Anderson
Robin and Jan Anderson
Gordon and Donna Anderson
Roger and Helen Anderson
Matthew and Erin Anderton
Juan Andrade
Louis and Betty Andrews
Karla Angal
Thomas and Patricia Angerer
Elaine Annen
James and Marilyn Annen
Arthur and Ruth Ansin
Fidel Arenas Raya and Maria Arenas Garcia
Jerome and Carla Argenti
Barbara Arkoosh
Victor Armendariz
James and Michelle Armijo
Richard and Julie Armitage
Daniel and Patricia Armstrong
Frank Arndt
Martin Arrigotti, DMD and Sharon Arrigotti27
Michael and Mary Arte
Martha Artim
Thomas Artim
Marta Asai-Cannell
Herman Asarnow, Ph.D. and Susan Baillet, Ph.D.
Roy and Beverly Asbahr
Clifford and Susan Ash
Philip and Alice Ashou
Peter and Judith Atherton
Scott and Stacey Atherton
John and Colleen Atkinson
Stephen and Cynthia Attinasi
Ted AustinP
Martin and Peggy Axtman
Betty Axtman
Brian Axtman
Elizabeth Ayres
Sabine Azarenko
Dr. Tom and Margo BachhuberP
Les and Mary Baddgor
Steve Bader, M.D. and Allison BaderP
Mary Ann Baer
David and Becky Baerwald
Zubin Bagai
William and Maureen Bailey
Mitch Baio
Dr. Edward and Carolyn Baker
Kelleighn Baker
Bill and Marna Baker
Greg and Lois Baker
Vincent and Myra Bakke
James Baldovin
Dr. Jory and Teresa Baldridge
Peter and Kathleen Balestreri
Dayton and Jeannie Balinbin
Brian and Eleanore Balsz
Kathryn Banakis
Thomas and Sharon Banicki
Carl Bangle
Rolando Bansale and Maria Remedios Bansale
Deanna Bany
Richard Barber
Raymond Bard, Ph.D. and Ronda Bard, Ph.D.
William Barnes, Ph.D.
Sandra Barrera
Eddie Barrera and Laura Barrera-Moore
Richard and Bobbie Barrett
Steve and Fern Barrick
Gary and Mary Barron
Jane Barry
Dr. Tim and Kris Barry
Janet Barta
Thomas and Kristen Bartlett
Scott and Ellen Bassett
Mike and Donna Bastasch
Robert and Ann Bates
Floyd and Karen Bates
Robert Bates
Dr. Robert and Helen Batie
Antonia Baty
James Bauermeister and Louise Dix
Dr. Carl and Paula Baum
Bryan Bauman
Joe and Rita Bauman
Thomas and Diane Bauman
William Bausch
Lisa Bayer-Day
Thomas Bayne
Steve and Linda Beaird13
George and Patty Beall
Gary and Sandra Beck
Rudolph Beck
Geary and Isabel Becker
Jack Becker and Terry Murphy
Peter Becker
Barbara Beebe
Chris and Karen Behan
Roy and Karen Behling
Bob and Karen Belding
Marylu Belisle
Sabin BelknapP
Mark Bell
William and Sally Bell
Liesa Benn
Dr. Robert and Leslie Bentley
Barbara Berglind
Dr. Richard and Joyce Bergstrom
Richard and Margaret Bergstrom
Kevin Berigan
Kerry and Beth Beringhaus
Daniel and Wendy Bermingham
Ronald Bernard+
Thomas and Eileen Berning
Dwayne and Stephanie Beshoar
Leon Betowski, Jr. and Ruth Betowski10
Jochen and Deborah Bettag
Larry and Suzanne Bettinger
Marvin and Janet Betts
Bruce and Marilyn Beverly
Quintin and Paulette Bibbs
Doug Bielefeldt and Erin Ely
Thomas and Linda Biesiadecki
James Bigelow, DDS and Mary Ann Bigelow
Michael Bingaman
Richard and Jill Black
Donald and Carol Blahnik
Ross and Catherine Blasingame
Andrew and Kathy Blaustein
Hon. Mark and Nancy Bliven
Douglas Bloem and Barbara Canavan
Peter and Tricia BloodP
Susan Bloom
Lyle Blow and Linda Christensen
David Blount
Bill and Karla Blowers
Thomas Blume and Renee BryantP
John and Fatima Blumenson
Ken and Tracy Boal
Ella Boardman
Vidya Bobba, M.D. and Sally Bobba
Bradley Boda
Craig and Nancy Bodenhausen
Marian Boettcher20
Thomas and Mary Lee Boklund
Art and Kristen Boland
John and Debra Bolce
Edra Lea Boliba
Jane Bolles
Eileen Bonaduce
Roman and Susan Bonczek
Trudie Booth, MA
Patricia Borgmann
Bill and Alexandra Borok
Joseph and Lucille Borsch
Gerald and Mary Bortvedt
R. Bortvedt
Gayle Boss
Bud BowieP
Suzanne Bowker-Devine
John and Darla Bowman
Ryan and Mylissa Boyd
Jim Boyle, Ph.D.27
Tim and Mary BoyleH
Betty Braden
Landon and Margaret Branch
David Brands
Gary and Teresa Brandt
Mary Lynn Brandy
Patrick Branigan and Patrice Schober-Branigan
Stephen and Esther Braulick
John and Carol Bray
Dorothy Bready
Kenneth and Cathy Breaux
Laura Bremen
Fred and Colleen Brenize
Thomas and Margaret Brennan
Bill and Kim Brennan
Sam and Martha Brewer
Jack and Terry Brewer
Kandis Brewer Nunn
Joe-Bob and Sheila Brewster
Jim and Teresa BridgesP
Carol Brinkerhoff
David Brodie
Dr. Jeffrey and Michelle Brodie
Carole Bromgard
Brooks Broom
Stuart and Ruth Brotherston
Dagrun Brotherston
James Brown
Eric and Patty BrownP
Mark and Mary Kay Brown
Arthur Brown, Ph.D.
Dan and Pam Brown
Danny and Angela Brown
Lynn Brown-Quick
Duane and Carole Brudevold
Bert and Mary Brumbaugh
William and Elizabeth Brunkow
Jeffrey and Ann Brunner
Augusta Brunner
Michael and Wendy Bruno
Elizabeth Bruno
Kristin Bruno
Dr. Daniel and Dian Brutocao
James and Anna Bryant
Robert and Carol Bubar
Daniel and Deborah Budge
Bernard Bueffel, M.D. and Elaine BueffelP,13
Gregory and Susan Buhr
David and Jean Bullard
Harvey and Jean Bultema
Elizabeth Bunce
Doug and Fran Bunch
William Burch
Earl and Colleen Burgett
Vance and Wendy Burghard
William and Robin Burk
Ann Burlureau
Bill and Miranda Burnett
Donald and Lucinda BurnsP
Dawn Burns
Tim and Celia Burris
Matthew and Martha Burroughs
Agostino Burzio
Mike and Janice Bush
Leslie Bush
Steven and Peggy Busick
Russell Butkus, Ph.D. and Lynn Butkus
Rodney and Doris Butler
Gail Butler
Mark and Chieko Buxton
Margaret Buyserie
Mason Byles and Linda Archibald
James and Aliesha Byrd
Dave+ and Barbara Cady
William and Karen Caine
Jean Calais
M. Calame
Shirley Calcagno15
Kevin and Constance Caldwell
Hon. Paul Calvo
Christopher and Janice Cameron
Paul Cameron and Judy BowenP
David Campagna and Shannon Cooper Campagna
Laurine Campbell11
Ed CampbellP,12
Kristine Campbell
Chris Campbell
Charles and Irene Cancilla22
Tiffany Candelaria
Camille Canzone
Kara Caparoso
Catalina Capellan
Mary Cappiello
James and Susan Carahalios
James and Rose Carcich
Roxanne Cargill
Suzanne Carlos
Joy Carlson
Don Carlson, Jr. and Mary Carlson
Keith and Susan Carlson
Bryan and Katherine Carney
Pamela Caron
Lydia Caros
David and Elana Carpenter
Dr. Walter Carr
Katie Carrieres
Terrence and Diane Carroll
John and Maureen Carroll
Bob and Kimberly Carson
Darcelle Carter
Steven and Carol Caruso
Dr. Tom and Anne Caruso
Bill Cashin
Bob and Joann Casola
Linda Ann Cassell
Edmund and Rita Cassella
Richard Cavalli, M.D. and Kathleen Cavalli11
John Cecconi
Teodoro and Aileen Cecilio
James and Mary Cerney
Stephen and Elizabeth Chaffee
Gene Chamberlain and Sharon Falkner
Charles and Sheri Chambers
John and Anne Chambers
Lorenzo Chambliss
Paramjit and Linda Chandhoke
Scott and Lynnette Chandler
Brian Chang and Cheryl Tachikawa
Karen Chang
Dianne Chapman
John and Lou Chapman
Michael Chapman
Allen Chase and Glenda Kohls
Arjun Chatrath, DBA and Myung Chatrath
Richard and Helen Cheek
Jeanne Chen
Dr. Peter and Patricia Chenaille
Peter and Betty Cheng
Jeff and Debra Cheyne
A. R. Childers
Gary and Marilee Childs
Steven and Roslyn Choi
John and Henriette Chong
William Choquette
Richard Christen, Ph.D.11
Marian Christjaener
Dee and Carol Christlieb
David Chrostek and Deborah AdamsP
Larry and Diane Chun
Rev. Conrad Ciesel and Rev. Bitsey Ciesel10
Ryan Circello
Michael and Victoria Clark
Calvin and Arlene Clark
Jim and Cheryl Cleary
Kellen ClemensP
Gregg and Lee Ann Clements
Cindy Clements
James and Ellen Close
Nick and Deborah Cloutier
Lisa Coate
Blake and Chris Coats
Bob and Donna Cochran
Jay Colangelo and Lynn Cox
Joseph Colasuonno
James Colburn, Sr.
Frederic Cole, M.D.
Daniel and Diana Coleman
Sarah Coleman
Debbie Collins
Mark and Barbara Colter
Joseph Concini
Cort Conley
Tom Conlon
Edwin Conn
Maureen Conn
Rosemary Connelly
David and Susan Conner
Michael Connolly, DMA12
Antonio and Debry Console
Carl and Joan Constans
Robert Contolini
Michael and Lynn Convery
David and Elizabeth Cook
Warren and Charlotte CookH
Lee and Leigh Cooley
Edward and Rosemary Cooney
Vince Cooney, Jr. and Kathy CooneyP,13
Maureen Copeland
Wayne and Rose Marie CorahP,14
Dominick Corpora16
Matthew and Antoinette Corrado
Eugene Corrigan
Michael Corroone and Molly Anderson
Paul and Kathleen Cosgrove
Sandra Costich
Anthony Cota
Louis and Mary Cotterell
Coral Cotterell, M.D.
Laura Cotts
Jan Coughlan
Linda Coughlin
Lori Coulson11
Scott and Paula Coulter
James Coulter, II and Catherine Coulter12
Thomas and MaryRose Courtney
Ryan Courtney
Dr. David and Catherine Coutin
Hon. Joseph Cox
Kelli Cox
Thomas and Karen CraigP
Bruce and Mary Cramer
Richard and Donna Cratsenberg
Charlotte Cridland
Christine Crokos
Willard and Dolores Crossway
Terry Cullen and Sandy WatsonP
Lawrence and Mary Cunningham
Mike and Karen Curry
Joyle Dahl
Kevin and Nan Daley
Norman Darais
Alex and Nancy Darbut
Joseph and Lynn Darnell
Alfred and Armeda Darrach
Philip and Jane Dater
Timothy and Rebecca Davidson
Steven and Carol Davis
Gregory and Laureen Davis
Harry and Kathleen Davis
Joseph Davis
Nelson and Janice Davis
Julie Davis
Shane and KathyDe Ruwe
Judy Deal
Lisa DeCarlo
Peter and Julianne DeChant
Ed Decker
Roger and M. Decker
Dominick DeFazio
Patricia Degerstedt10
Andrew and Vicki DeGraaf
Gray and Lisa DeGrenier
Debra Del Toro
Jo Anne DeLong
Judy Demarest
Willoughby Deming, Ph.D. and Lauren Deming15
Greg and Mary DennisP
John and Susan Denny
Chelsea DeRienzo
Dominick and Anne DeRienzo
Charles and Terrie Derrick
Gary and Cathy DesRochers
Elizabeth DetschH
Jack and Heidi Devereaux
Kenneth and Aurora Devilbiss
Phillip and Janice Devito
Dennis Devitt
James Dewey and Melanie Gangle, CRC
Mirza Dickel
Laverne Dicker
Barbara Diehl-Smith
Nicole Dilbeck
Donald and Marian Dinsmore14
Antonio and Lynne DiProspero
Roger and Madonna Docken
William and Patti Dodge
Paul and Barbara Dodson
Timothy Doe
Lt. Col. Thomas Doherty, (ret.) and Glenda Doherty
Phil Dollar
Amy Dollowitch
Lawrence and Molly Doubrava
Bruce and Debbie Douglas
Renee Dowlin
Donald and Mary Downey
Robert Downey
Brian and Mary Doyle17
Dr. William and Donna Doyle
Joseph and Patricia Doyle
Bruce Drake, Ph.D. and Eileen DrakeP
Margueritte Drake
Lauretta Dreher
Dan Driessen
Pat Driscoll
David and Patricia Driscoll
Bill and Charlene Dronen
Marcia Drumright
Paul Duda and Theresa Duda, RN MSN CPNP10
Charles and Micki DuFort
Joseph and Janis Dugan
Les and Cheryl Duman
Daniel and Kelly Dunahay
Dr. Brian and Karen Dunkley
Dr. John and Linda Dunn
Billie Dunne
Chanh Duong and Qui Nguyen
David and Kristi DuPuy
Christopher and Kristen Durbin
Mildred Dutro
Donna Dvorak
Randall and Debra Eardley
Tom and Lois East
Karen Echon
Merrideth Eddy11
Melody Eddy
Jerry Eddy
Roy and Kathleen Edick
Ricky Edmiston and Rhonnda Parsons
Stephen and Sarah Edmondson
Charles Egbert
Nancy Egbert
Elysse Egerman
John Eichorn
Mark Eifler, Ph.D. and Karen Eifler, Ph.D.11
Dennis and Mary Elder
Kirk and Kimberly Eldred
Steven and Kathleen Eldrige
William Elgin
Roger and Eunice Eligado
Ernie Elises, Jr.
Jeff and Heather Elliott
Jorie Ellis
Diann Ellis
Ahmed and Ellie ElzarieP
Ed and Lynette Elze
Dick and Leslie Emery
David and Valerie Enger
Michael English
Mark and Cheryl Enyeart
Denise Enzler10
Scott and Kathleen EppingerP
Dennis Epstein and Linda Brewer
Michael Erickson
Timothy and Anita Ermish
Maureen Ernst
John and Linda Eskildsen
Shan and Karen EssonP
Barbara Estoup
Charles and Carey Evans
Bob and JanieEvans
Frank and Joann Evans13
Dwight and Tamera Evans
Douglas and Marianne Evans
John and Carol Evans
Glen and Lynne Fahs
Jim and Cindy Fairchild
Bob and Camille FallowP
Morgan and Emily Farmer
John and Jane Farr
Greg and Diane Farris
Jeff and Nancy Farris
Richard and Patricia Farris
Toni FaveroP,11
Richard and Kim Favors
Marie Fay
Richard and Alice Fay14
John Feeley
Mark and Monica Feeny
Howard Feldman, Ph.D.13
Paul and Helen Feltz
Herbert and Elizabeth Femling
Aaron Fentress
Kandice Feola
Byron Ferris
Hilary Ferris
Larry and Deborah Ferschweiler16
Dennis and Theresa Fertig
Denise Feser
James Fiedler and Roanne Ross
Elliot Field10
Thaddeus and Jeanne Figura
Georgia Finch
Matthew and Monika Findlay
William and Helen Finkle
Raymond Finney and Teddy Adler Finney
Patrick Finney and Roxanne Roos Finney
Ernest and Patricia Fiori
Nick FishP
Jerry Fisher and Martha Wells
Jack Fisk, Jr.
James and Jan Fitzgerald
Richard and Patricia Fleck
Joanne Fleming
Dr. Darrin and Margaret Fleming
Dr. Gerald and Lynnette Flerchinger
Ken and Cathy FletcherP
Carmen Fletcher
Jacob and Melissa Florer-Bixler
Robert and Jennifer Flotte
Michael Fohl
Mary Follen
Patsy Ann Fordney
Frank and Laura Forgione
Dennis and Nancy Forrester
Lee and Victoria Forte
Kent and Brenda Foster
Kelly and Kristine Foster
Terry Foster
Hal and Doris Fox
George and June Fox
Brian and Bunny FoxhovenP
Ellen Franklin
Richard and Marilyn Franz
Melvin and Doris Franz
Brian and Mary Fraser
Kenneth and Terry Frasl
James and Karyl Frazer
Michael and Nora Frederick
Frank and Beverly Fredregill
Laverna Fredregill
Karen Freeland
William and Margaret Friedemann
Bernard and Kathleen Friedman
Jim andMarilyn Frink
Sue Frisbie
Dean FrischknechtP
Kenneth and Eleanor Frohning
Mark and Marian Fuchs
Alan and Natalie Fujita
Ken and Carrie Fukuoka
Colleen Fullbright
Dwain Fullerton
Albert and Virginia Furtwangler
Delvin and Mary Gaither
Tony and Sandy Galati27
JaCinta Galeai
Mary Jo Galick
Chuck and Teresa GallP
John Gallagher
Larry and Joy Gallagher27
William and Julie Gallaher
John Gallus, M.D.
Frank and Patricia Galluzzo21
John and Kathleen Gannis
Richard and Jamie Garagliano
Mary Garaventa
Benjamin and Eleanor Garcia
Mark Gardner
John and Stephanie Garlinghouse
Joan Garner
Leo and Elaine Garrow27,H
Michael and Margaret Garvey
Peter and Linda Garvin
John Geoghegan
W. George
Mary Georgopulos
Dr. John and Susan Gerdtz
Robert Gerhart and Dr. Anne Ayres Gerhart
Linda Gerig
Randall and Virginia Getz
David Gibson
Dr. Richard and Katharyn Giever
Kay Gifford
Eric and Kim Gill
Warrene Gill
Sharon Gilleland
Ralph and Cynthia Gilliam
Patricia Gilpin
Donna Gilroy
Art and Toni Gimpel
Dennis and Alice Gingrich
Mark and Deborah Glaess
Greg and Ingrid Glanville
Mark and Rebecca Gleason
Marcella Gleason
Robert and Patricia Gocke
Tony and Meg Goffredo10
Gary Goin, M.D. and Anita Goin
Andrew Golla
A.J. and Annette GomezP
Alberto and Pabla Gonzalez
Steve and Linda Goodner
Paul Goodrich
Donna Goodwin
Todd and Maureen Goolkasian
Luke Gordon
Kevin Gorman and Michelle Kinsella
Edward and Sheryl Gorman
Glen and Lisa Gorski
Curtis and Sharon Goya
Janet Graham
David and Kim Grant
Dwight and Lynn Gray
John and Betty Green
Wayne Green
Mary Ann Greenlaw
Carol Gregoire
Gregory and Joan Gress
Darrell and Mary Griffin
Phillip and Patricia Simpson
Andrew and Melinda Griffith
Robert and Diane Griguhn
Douglas Grim
Hugo and Jeanette Grimaldi
Ellanora Grimes14
Fran Grippen
Jan Grorud
Shelly Grossman
Scot and Janet Groulik
Dave Grove, Sr. and Amelia GroveH
Ross and Jodie Gualco
Jeanne Gualco
Rich and Kathleen Gund
Steve and Sarah Guthrie
Amy Guy
Richard and Dianne Haaland
Reid Hadley
Del Haener, Jr. and Nannett HaenerP
Peter Hageman
Robert Hagerman
Andrew and Patricia Haines
Thomas and Bonnie Hall
Sherry Hall
Donald Hallstone and Joyce Parton
John and Yvette Haluck
Loyd and Flora Hamel
Victoria Hamilton12
Doug and Judy Hamilton
Richard and Jeannie Hamilton
Randy and Joanne Hamm
Phillip and Young Hammond
Donpil Han
George and Lenore Hankey
John and Teresa Hanna
Don Hanna, Sr. and Florence Hanna
Don Hanna, Jr. and Kelly Hanna
Nora Hannah
Jo Hannan
Edwin and Cynthia Hansen
David Hansen
Eric and Theresa Hansen
Mary Hansen
Michael and Sistan Harano
Richard and Carolyn Harcourt
Edward and Kathryn Hardig
Jeanne Hardos
Richard and Lori Hardy
Dwayne and Alice Harkness
Samuel Haro and Hermelinda Salas
Nancy Harp, RN, MN, MBA
Gerald and Julie Harper
Dr. Leon and Lynda Harrington
Barbara Harris
Joseph and Susan Harris
Glenn Harris
Edith Harrison
Josephine Harrison
John and Bunny Harrold
Virginia Hart17
Richard Hart and Patricia Moran
Duncan and Christine Hart
Gerald and Linda Harteloo14
Dale and Kay Hartz
James and Catherine Harvey
Keith Hashimura
Kathryn Hasslacher
Peter+ and Kathryn Hasslacher
Kevin and Sarah Hatley
I.M. and Vernamell Haug
Michael Havey
Craig and Evelyn Hayashi
Gary and Judith Hayden
Barbara Hayes
Michael Healow
Terence and Suzanne Healy
James and Mary Healy
Dennis Healy and Kathryn Day
Margie Heart
Renee Heath, Ph.D.
Dr. Donald and Michelle Hecht
John and Kathy Hector
Albina Heindl11
Greg and Kathy Helbling
Steven and Lora Heli13
D. M Hemphill and Linda Whittlesey
James and Nannette Henderson
Rick and Deborah Hendricks
Maurice Hendrickson
John and Jean Henkels
Paul and Jackie Hennes
James and Kayleen Henricks
Stephen and Susan Henshaw
Michael and Anne Hepp
Jeannette Hepp
Adam and Susan Herbst
Frank and Renee Hernandez
Paul and Ruth Herrington
John Hershey and Dr. Geraldine Rockett
Dr. Roy and Kathleen HeynderickxP,19
John Hibbs, Sr. and Francoise Hibbs
Patrick and Peggy Hickey
Fran Hicks, Ph.D.
David and Karin Higo
Jack and Irene Hilbourne
Daniel and Anna Hill
Stuart and Robin Hill
Andrea Hill
John and Margaret Hillebrand
Scott Hilliard
Dale and Lisa Hillman
Peter and Mary Hinckle
Kevin and Mary Hindal
Mark and Ann Hinnen
James and Karen Hirai
Wayne and Marcy Hirayama
David and Cathryn Hlebechuk
Thomas Hoban, Sr. and Maureen Hoban
Shawn and Kathie HobanP
Kent and Jill HoddickP,15
James Hodge, D.D.S. and Jean Hodge
Betsy Hodge
George and Debra Hofbauer
Sr. Angela Hoffman, O.S.B., Ph.D.11
Donald and JoAnn Holdener
Clarie Hollenbeck
Stanley Hollenberg and Molly Kellogg
Joe Holloway, Sr.P
Ray and Penny Holmgren
Dale and Donna Holpainen
Kathryn Holt
Jimmie HongP,15
Dave Hooff
Emmagene Hope
Frank Horn
Patricia Horn
Fred Horstkotte, Jr. and Joan Horstkotte
Denise Horton
John and Joyce Horvath
Richard and Rebecca Hourigan
Genevieve Howarth
F. and Margaret HowattP
Greg and Elizabeth Hoxworth
Stephen Hubbard and Lynn O'Connor Hubbard
Mike and Susan HuffmanP
Nancy Hughes
Pamela Hull
Jennifer Humberston
Joseph and Debra Hunt
Thomas and Laurie Hunt
Richard and Karen Hunter
David Huntley, M.D. and Ellen Huntley
John and Laura Hurliman
Harold and Elizabeth Hutchison
Ronald and Doris Hutton
Dr. Andrew and Janet Hyams
Antoinette Ihrke
Jeffrey and Lichelle Iida
Jean Iida
Brian Ilgen and Ilze Zarins-Ilgen
W. Ilgen
Clarence and Cheryl Illario
Marla Imsland
Robert Inouye and Edwina Williams
Florence Iriguchi
Dexter+ and Florence Iriguchi
Kyle Irwin
Nick Irwin
Gary and Elizabeth Iskra
Sergio Islas
Yuji and Sumiko Itoh
Joseph Ittes and Janene Siers
Kyle and Alison Iwamoto
E.K. and Elaine+ Jackson
Patti Jackson
Everett and Kathleen Jacobs
Hart and Josey Jacobsen
Yvonne Jacques
John Jaeger and Linda Lowe-Jaeger
Marlene Jali
Richard Jali11
Ann Jamison
Gary and Denise Jannusch
Dolores Jarrett
Robert Jastrzab
Jim and Tamara Jeans
Janice Jeffries
Michael and Linda Jenkins
Kenneth and Julie Jenkins
Catherine Jensen
Erik and Mary Jensen
Susan Jensen
Gabe Jerr and Maytiya Hall
Gary Jesky and Tama Rann-Jesky
Arlene Joe
Stephen and Karen Joesten
William and Sophia Johansen
Kim and Helene Johnsen
Lucille Johnson
Mary Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Gregory and Caprice Johnson
Charles and Margaret Johnson
Colleen Johnson
David Johnson
Tot JonesH
Robert Jones, Jr. and Patrice JonesP
Rod and Lisa Jones
James Jones
Patricia Jones
James and Elaine Joseph
Kenji and Eileen Juan
Terry and Meg Judge
Peter Jurczak and Margaret Shea
James Jurinski, JD and Gretchen Brevig21
John and Livia Jurju
Thomas and Eva Jurney
Joanna Kaakinen, Ph.D. RN
Kenneth and Betsy Kachmarik
Gary and Meridee KaielP,15
Patrick and Anne Kaiser13
Mark and Pamela Kalkus
Mark Kallgren
Franklin and Jeanette Kam21
Dr. Asao Kamei and Dr. Katherine Kamei
Dr. Michael and Nancy Kamitsuka
Lena Kanemitsu
Nicholas and Eleni Karakasidis
Tracy Karp and Jody Heximer
Jefferry and Sandra Kato
David and Susan Kauth
Wilma Kawasaka
Lawrence and Sharon Kawasaki
Robert and Deborah Kelley
Dr. Jan Kem
John and Christine Kennedy
Mark Kennedy, Ph.D.,PEP
Jeff and Soni Kennedy
Joan Kennedy
Russ and Annabelle Kennedy
David Kennel, M.D. and Peggy Kennel
Francis Kenny
Malcolm Kent
Helen Kern
Barbara Kerr
James and Clara Kerr
Dave and Marilyn Kerssen
Bill and Maureen Kessi
Lauren Key
Mary Keyes
Khalid Khan, Ph.D. and Munawar Khan15
Anne Killeen
Margit Killinger
Dr. Paul and Chris Kilzer
JR King, Jr. and Jeanne King
Joe King, Jr. and Susan King
Andrea King
Deborah King
Kenneth King
Cathy King-Smith
Rick and Janis Kinnear
Dick and Mary Lou Kinney14
John and Anne Kinsella
Allan and Lisa Kirk
Paul and Karen Kirsch12
David and Doreen Kishel
Clyde and Lynette Kishimoto
Al and Connie Kitzmiller16
Rev. Kieran Kleczewski
Edward and Helen Klein
Clayton and Roberta Klein
Brian and Cindy Klemsz
Christopher and Janice Kloeck
Kirk and Mary Knighton
Jim KnollP
Susan Knox
Marybud Kobatake
Barbara Koch
James and Kathy Konyha
Chris and Tonie Koonce
Karmen Kooyers
Louise Kopp16
Dr. James and Carol Kopp
David and Darcie Kost
Thomas and Kathy Kost
Hans and Kathryn Krauss
Eric and Katherine Kravetz
Geraldine Kreischer
Steve and Anne Kreminski
Matt Krick
Fredrick Krieck
Bill and Mary Ann Kriss
Patricia KrummP
Dennis and Dolores Kubel
Carl Kubin13
Keith and Myra Kuboyama
Denis and Marcia Kuemerle
Michael and Debra Kulig
Kathryn Kundert
Steven and Linda Kunihisa
Egbert Kunrath
Hector Kwan and Yut Tam
Joseph and Teresa LaBrie
Phillip and Paula Lafortune
Rita LambertH
William and Nancy Lampe
Milt Lampros
Alain Landry
Grant Landy and Angela Nurre
Donald Lane
Howard and Donna Laney
Joe Lang
Margaret Langhans
Leonardo and Belen Langit
Rene and Gail Lannoy
Richard Large, II and Kathleen Large
Corey LarnerP
Dr. Robert and Nancy Larsen
Patrick and Vicki Lau
Kevin and Melanny Lauver
John and Judith Lavelle
William and Tammy Lavin
Timothy and Jean Lawler
Mario and GraceLayco
Patricia Layton
Bill LazarP
Hien Le and Hoa Su
Al Lebar
Richard and Michelle Leduc
Loren and Karen Lee10
Nancy Lee
Steven Lee
Robert and Brigid Lee
David and Nancy Leedy
Douglas and Joan Legg10
Jonquil Lemaster
Bill and Janice Leonetti
Shannon Leonetti
Dr. Phillip and Elita Lesh
Charles and Mary Lesowske
Steven LevereP
John and Lisa Levesque
Barbara Levinski
Michael and Vickie Lewer
Phyllis Lewis
Bill Lewis, Jr. and Lee Lewis
John and Gail Lewis
Chris Lewis and Heather Hall Lewis
Stephen and Deborah Lies
Severino Lim
Chung-Yee Lin
Robert and Tamara Lindahl
John and Patty Linde
Dean and Susan Linden
Kevin and Janet Lindgren
Redford and Wendy Lindmark
Bill Lindquist
Bruce and Donna Lindseth
Salvatore Liotta, Sr. and Diane Liotta
Helen Little
David and Mary Kay Livingston
Florencio and Pauline Lizama
Shelby Locke
Joseph and Janice Lofft
Mindi Logan
George and Bernadette Lohse
Steven and Laurie Loney
Terry and Teri Long
James and Deborah Loomis
Lora Looney, Ph.D.
Grecia Lora
Hilario and Epifania Lora
Richard and Patricia Lord
Anthony and Teresa Loren
John and Kathleen Lovejoy
Daniel Lower and Leslie Porter
Chris and Effie Lucarini
Lester and Josephine Ludviksen25,H
Jon and Denise Lundberg
Barry and Rosie LutzP
Patrick and Suzanne Lynch
Margaret Lynch
David LyonsP
Dickson Ma and Lise Ditzel-Ma
Edwardlito and Anna Mabanag
Linda Mac Leod
Dr. Frank Macchiarola
Jerry and Kathleen Macken
Alexander Mackie
Mike and Kathryn MacNab
Lesli MacNeil
Neil and Leah MacNeil
Eugene Maffeo
Timothy and Alice+ MaginnisH
Larry and Connie Maher
Judith Mahoney
Virginia Mahony
Capt. James Main, SC USNR (ret.)
Dr. Jim and Joyce Maitland
David and Kathryn Malama
Gary Malecha, Ph.D. and Linda Gammill16
Steven Malek and Leanne Rousseau
Franz and Monette Mallari
Steve and Melanie Mangin
James and Mary Manning
Kevin and Susanna Mannix
Ron Manza
Chris Maraist
John Marble
D. Marble
Jay and Ann Marie Marble
James and Judy Marick
David and Laura Markham
Guay Markham
John and Nellie Marquardt14
Mark and Susan Marquess
Scott and Caren Marre
Jack and Jean Marrs
Stephen and Ann Marsh
Barry and Janet Marsh
Joanne Marshall
Jack and Lee Marshall
John Martin and Caryl ChiaveriniP
Marguerite Martin
Stephen and Dawn Martin
Miguel Martin de Bustamante and Ann Ballard-Bustamante
Marianne Martz
Marsha Mason
Mark and Kendra Masunaga
Randall and Taryn Matsumoto
Bill MattecheckP
Robert and Marianna Mattecheck10
Herb and Carla MatterP
Scott and Diane Mattox
Marilyn Mattson
Dave and Donna Mattson11
Helen Matzke
Errol and Connie Maus11
Tim and Carol Mayer
Alexis Mazzocco
Dennis and Cathryn McAllister
Brett and Deborah McAllister
Steven and Donna McAtee
James and Bihildis McCaffrey
Shirley McCaffrey
Ann McCleery
James and Heather McCluskie
John and Kathleen McClymont
James McCord and Regan Quinn
Daniel and Eileen McCormack
Gerald and Patricia McCormick
Patrick and Deborah McCormick
Steven McCormick and Margaret Portwood
Paul and Sally McCracken
Diana McCrea
Alan and Debora McCreedy
Daniel and Donna McCurrie
Scott and Jody McDonald
Eunice McElligott
Paul McElligott
James and Teresa McGuire
Jeff McGuire
Will and Michelle McGurk
Charles McHugh
Don and Joyce McInturff
Robert and Laura McIver
Michael McKaig and Susan Larsen-McKaig
Ian and Donna McKechnie
Catherine McKiernan
Randal and Lori McKinley
Damian and Lorraine McKinney
Laura McLary, Ph.D.
J. D. and Amy McLauchlan
Bill McLean and Van SchopfP
Norma McLeod
Jim and Jeanne McNassar
Fred McNaughton, Jr. and Helen McNaughton
Glennis McNeal
Gary and Mary McNichols
Jon and Marilyn McWilliams
Doran and Marjorie Meade
Mark Meckler, Ph.D.
Vina Medrano
Paul and Glenrose Meersman
Gail and Louise Meier
Larry and Nancy Melzer
Fred and Alicia Mena
Juan and Julia Mendez
Larry and Judith Meneghin
Robin Menke and Colleen Fallon-Menke
Deborah Mercer
Burt and Terri Merkley
Jean Merlino
Jeff and Mary Mero
Pat and Carroll Merriman
Fernando Mesina
Aletha Metcalf
Elna Metzger
Thomas and Suzanne Metzger
James Metzger
Wayne and Jane Meucci
Thomas Meyer
Albert Meyer
Mary Meyer
Linda Michael
Lee Miller and Barbara Stallcup MillerH
L. Miller
Katherine Miller
Michael and Barbara Miller
James Miller
Norman and Debbie Miller
Steve and Melanie Miller
Todd and Mindy Miller
Lindsey and Jackie Miller
Frederick and Angela Miller
George and Mildred Minkoff11
John and Karen Mitchell
Gene and Susan Mitchell
Thomas and Eleonore Mitchell
Toshio Mitsuda
Patrick and Debra Miura
Gregory and Linda Mixsell
Keith and June Miyahira
Patrick and Kathleen Mock
Philip Moen11
Elise Moentmann, Ph.D.
Margaret Molyneaux
Malachy and Mary Monahan15
Carlos Mondragon and Josefina Gomez
Richard and Charlene Montag
Charles Montoya and Laurel Bahe
Joe and Kathleen Moore23
Kathleen Moore
Dan and Ally Moore
Robert and Beverly Moorman
David and Christina Morantte
Bernard and Linda Morenz
Dana Morgan
Gregory and Christine Morgan
Masanao and Melinda Morimoto
Mary Morin
Kit Morris and Donna Pierleoni
Tom and Susan Morris
Richard and Sandra Morris
Philip and Mary Lou Morrisey
Andrew Morrow
Jeffrey and Vicki Morrow
Cecilia Morrow
Jim and Judy Morton
William and Jean Morton
Norma Mosbrucker
Susan Mosedale
Shari Moser
Vasiliy and Vera Mosiychuk
Patrick and Michelle Moskos
Mary Mosley
Kevin Moss
Jay and Betsy Mosser
Duncan and Susan Mottershead
Dwight and Christa Motz
James and Toni Mountain
Kevin Mowrey
Gwen Mueller
Jim and Nadine MullenP,14,H
Beverly Muraoka
Daniel and Michelle Murphy
Betty Murray11
Thomas and Constance Murray
Mark and Joan Murray
V. Murty, Ph.D., PE and V. Lalitha11
Kenneth and Patricia Myers
William and Susan Nadal
Terrance and Jean Nago
Peter and Gail Nakamae
Benjamin and Linda Nalagan
Marie Nalagan
Rodney and Patsy Nanbu
Myrl and Bonnie Nardinger
David and Mary Ellen Nardone
Mary Natta
Bob Neilson, Jr. and Laurel Neilson
Dr. Stephen and Janice Nelson
Jack Nelson
Randy and Marlene Nelson
Dawn Nelson
Chuck and Nanette Nelson
Gary Nesbit
Ethel Neubauer
Ron Neubauer
Carl Neuburger
Ken and Jeanette Neuburger
Paul and Wanda Neves
L. and Sally Newcombe
Louise Newdall
Frank and Eva Newman
James and Irene Newton
Vincent and Monique Nguyen
Binh Nguyen and Anh Bui
David and Deanna Nibler
June Nice
Robin Nichols
Greg and Barbara Nicholson
Anthony and Sharon Nicola
Douglas Nicoll
Steve and Fran Niles
Kathleen Nims
Renton and Renee Nip
Ruth Nishihara
Robert and Peggy Nitschke
Peter and Dawn Nolan
Phil and Rosemary Nordstrom
Ron and Shirley Northcraft
Kathleen Northcutt
Mary Northcutt
Greg Northcutt
Dr. James and M. Celeste Novak
Stan NowackP
John and Margaret Nugent
Stephen and Pamela Nunokawa
Howard and Debra Nusbaum
Karen Nussman
Elizabeth Oakes
John O'Brien, Sr. and Barbara O'Brien10
Robert O'Brien
Peter and Carol O'Brien
Jerry O'Connell
Bill O'Connor
Lawrence and Julie O'Connor
William and Mary O'Donnell13
Michael Oester
Pat Ogle10
Damon and Margaret Ogle
Denise O'Hearn
Mark Ohlstrom, PE and Cathy Ohlstrom
Wilfred and Merle Okabe
Dennis Okada
Rick and Maggie Oldenburg
Larry and M.J. O'LearyP,12
Dennis and Gerry O'Leary
David Oleson and Marsha Parmer
Alfonso and Charlotte Oliva
Tyler and Alison Oliver
Kenneth Olivier and Angela Nomellini
David and Beverly Olivo
Robert Olmstead
Michael O'Loughlin
Whit Olson11
Donald and Teresa Olson
Edwin and Sandra Olson
Marc Olson
Barbara Olsson
Chad O'Lynn
Dennis O'MearaP
Ray Onchi, DMD and Jan OnchiP,11
Gayle ONeil
Nancy O'Ney
Bruce Ong and Judith Lea
Paul Opperman
Craig and Mary Opra
Ken and Tricia Orazio
Katie O'Reilly, Ph.D.P
Michael and Jeanette Ormsby
Charles and Allison Orofino
Timothy and Laura Oroke
Donald and Elizabeth Orwick
Greg Orwig
Wayne and Karen Oshiro
Edward Oshita
Asbjorn Osland, Ph.D. and Joyce Osland, Ph.D.
Carolyn Osten
Peter Osterberg, Ph.D. and Mary Osterberg
Kevin and Cristine O'Sullivan
Uil Otol and Charlotte Grimm
Franklin and Margaret Ott
Gerald and Elizabeth Otter
David and Catherine Otto
Joi Oubre
Linda Owens, Ph.D.
Don Pacholec and Gloria Bordeaux-Pacholec
Dolores Padget
David and Cece Padon
Lt. Col. Michael Pandolfo, USAF and Kathleen Pandolfo, TSGT, USAFR
Dr. Patrick Paradis
Herc and Roxanne Pardi
Dr. Kevin and Maxine Parent
Larry and Dianne Park
Donna Parsons
Michael and Michelle Parvinen
Don and Brenda Patterson
Kent and Amy Patton
Karen Paulsen-Muzzy
Anna Payne
Steven and Catherine Pearson
Julia Pecano
Robert and Debby Pedersen
John and Nan Pederson
Arthur and Jean Pedroza
Cherie Peck
William and Jan Peery
Sandra Peirce
Douglas and Cecelia Pentecost
Philip and Cynthia Penttila
Albert Perez
Maria PopeP
Stephen and Carolyn Purcell
Thomas and Gordynne Perkins
Alan and Sarah Peroutka
Joanne Perri
Deborah Perry
Norman and Roberta Persons
Rudolph and Linda Peruzzaro
Robert Pesek, Ph.D.
William Petersen and Susan Sharko
Kirk and Natalie Peterson
James and DeeAnn Peterson
Darrell and Kristine Peterson
Martin and Linda Peterson
Kris Peterson
William Petschl
Gae Petschl
Most Rev. Edward Pevec
Ted and Susan Pfaff
Stanley and Jayne Phillips
Francis and Carol Piatz
Caroline Pierce
Robert and Wanda Pila
Leslie Pilgrim
Maria Pimentel
Jennifer Piper
Paul Piper
Prayong and Hilda Piriyakarnjanakul
Patricia Plummer
Ray Plutko
Paul and June Poginy
Kenneth Pointek and Peggi Lilly
Bonnie Polich
Joseph and Dina Polin
George and Diane Popson
Ada Porter
Lawrence and Marilyn Porter
Walt Porter
Phillip and Sally Potestio
Katie Potter
Gary and Jenny Powell
Dan Prahl
David Prater and Kay Williams-Prater
Raymond and Julie Pratt
Janice Prelog
Robert and Marianne Prentice27
Susan Prock
George and Rosann Prusynski
Mark and Linda Prusynski
Rea and Maureen Puccinelli11
Dr. Edward Pullen and Dr. Kay Pullen
Donald Pullin
Nicholas and Lori Pupo
Stephen and Carolyn Purcell
Dr. Robert and Darlene Quackenbush
Raymond and Sharon Quick
Kenneth and Maria Quinn
Brian Raber
Mark and Pamela Rachor
Mark and Leslie Rader
Collin and Leoni Radford
David and Diana Ragsdale
Terry Raile
Frank and Cathy Raimondi
James and Nancy Raleigh
Robert and Cheryl Ramirez
Nina Ramsey, Ph.D.
Shirley Randles15
Steve Randolph
Margaret Ranes
Jim and Denise Rapinoe
Patrick and Debrah Rarick
Robert and Teresa Rasmussen
William Rasplica and Dr. JoDee Keller
Wes and Sydne Rataushk
Rosalie Raujol
Bob and Judy Ray
Dan and Jane Raynor
Timothy and Sheila Rea
Anna Rea
Verland Reavis
Ben and Karina Reddaway
Kathryn Redding
John and Susan Redhouse
Russell and Patricia Redmond15
Rusty and Gail Reed
Linda Reed
Patrick and Susan Reedy
Allen and Georgann Reel
Dr. Paul and Marjorie Regan
Alyssa Reget
Michael and Mary Ann Reilly
Vince Reinig and Christy Clute-Reinig
Claude Remy and Dr. Claire Spain-Remy
Robert and Deborah Renggli
Edward and Alberta Renk
Dale and Terina Retzlaff
Patrick Rexroat
Efren and Delia Reyes
Thomas ReynoldsP
Ron and Diane Ricci
Shirley Richards
John and Pat Rickman
Ann Ridenhour
Dr. Robert and Erin Rieger
Karen Riley
Robert Rineer and Debbie Thomas
Carolyn Ringo
Dennis and Tammy Rino
Samantha Riofta
Virginia Ripp
Jeff and Lisa Ripp
Rosetta Riscoe+,H
James Risinger and Dr. Nena Marin
Ronald and Susan Ritenour
Paul Rittman and Judith Delong-Rittman
Peter and Grace Rivera
Richard and Joanne Rizzo
Jeanette Roberts
Alden and Anita Roberts
Joseph and Deidre Roberts
Robert and Camille Robins
Bertha Robins
James and Ellen Robinson
Ruth Robinson
Alice Robinson
Al Robles, USA (ret.) and Ae Sun Robles
James and Christine Rockett
Harry and Teresa Rodenberger
Marek and Barbara Rogoz
Mitzi Rohen
Robert Roholt
Thomas and Sandra RookP
Jim and Lin Roscoe12
Donald and Michele Rosemeyer
Dr. Loretta Rosier
Stan and Kristina Ross
Aldo and Irene Rossi
Joseph Rossi
Deede Rothenberg
Greg Rouse
Michael and Rae Rowe
Arthur Rudd, D.D.S. and Robin Rudd10
Thomas Ruddiman
Kaycie Rueter
Michael Rugen and Toni Kay
Ann Rukavina
John RussellP
George Russell, Jr.
Irma RussellH
Esther Ryan
Virginia Ryan
Bruce and Mary Ryan
Terence Ryan and Ruth Burson
Henrietta Saalfeld
Patrick Sabin, DMD and Shirin Sabin
Dick and Gloria SafranskiP
Ulf and Susan Safve
Bryan and Cathy Sakai
Marco Salas and Rochelle Salas
Andrew and Leola Salmeri
Sara Salvi
Britni Sandberg
Daniel SandovalP
John and Irma Sandstrum
William and Susan Sari10
Rob and Toni Saxton
Judy Scally
Catherine Scally
Ann Schaap
Dee Schade
Vernon and Tina Schager
Claire Schaubel
William and Karen Scheler
Dr. Ruby Schendel
Vincent and Dorothy Schicchi
David and Theresa Schierman
Tony and Mary Schilens
Brian and Diana Schimschok
Wayne Schlappi and Maria Moroney
Kathleen Schleich
John and Cathy Schleining
David and Jane Schlosser13
Fred Schlotfeldt, Jr. and Louisa Schlotfeldt
Stan Schmidt
Joyce Schmidt
Ann Schmidt
Frank Schmidt
Norman and Charlotte Schmidt
Joe and Joanna Schmitz
Bernard and Rosemarie Schneider
Ginnie Schneider
Craig and Louann Schneidmiller
Dr. Harald and Kelly Schoeppner
Andrew and Nancy Schrank
Matthew Schreiber
Pete Schreiber
Barry and Claudia Schroeder
Robert and Maureen Schroeder13
Jack and Mary Schunk
Leonard and Patty Schweitzer
Sam and Carolyn Scopacasa
Victoria Scott, MA, M. Libr.
Faith Scott
Jennifer Scott
Hector and Norma Scritzky
Mary Scroggins13
Mary Seats
William Secor, Jr. and Karen Secor
Richard Seely and Julie Glenn-Seely
Dr. Gerald and Mary Segal
John and Anne Seil
Jay and Harpreet Sekhon
T. and Betsy Sekiya
David and Janice Shafer
Tim Shamrell
Elayne Shapiro, Ph.D.15
Kenneth and Mary Shaw15
Dr. Patrick Sheedy and Lynne Schriver
Jane Shelley
Shaun Shepherd12
Leo Sherry, Jr. and Nancy Sherry
Kenneth and Elizabeth Sherwood
Rodney and Theresa Shields
Denise Shigeta
Thomas and Karen Shigeta
Earle and Holly Shikada
Keith and Sharlene Shimada
Sheldon and Janis Shinyama
Alexandra Shiroma
Andrew Shown
Terry and Donna Shreve
Brian ShrockP
Robert and Lynn Shrum
Daniel and Teresa Siekkinen
Daniel and Kathleen Silva
Ester Silva
Miodrag and Marjana Simic
Robert and Helen Sinclair27
Fred and Rachel Siri
Emily Sitton
Eva Sitton
Glenn and Emily Skedeleski
Frank Skiba and Kathleen Franks-Skiba
Joseph and Marsha Skinner
David and Cindy Skovgard
Michele Skupic
Sarann Slattery
William and Therese Slepnikoff
Anne Sloan
Michael and Mary Smale
Maria Smallwood
Carol Smith
Clarence Smith
James Smith
James Smith and Nancy Chesney-Smith
Jerry and Janice Smith
Patricia SmithH
Phillip and Gail Smith
Richard SmithP
Robert Smith and Patricia Bohling-Smith
Robert Smith and Adriana Huyer
Ronald and Nita Smith
William Smith and Janice Hubatch-Smith
Ron and Sue Smithhisler
Hal and Jeanyse SnowP
Marge Soeland
Frank Soldevilla
Donald and Elizabeth Solmon10
Jed SolomonP
Jim and Jeannine Songey
Robert and Sheryle Sopke
Leo+ and Eileen Sorensen
Antonio and Yvonne Soto
David South, M.D. and Mary South
Gene and Elaine Spathas
Ruth Spoth
John Stack and Mary Ann Costamagna
John and Julie Stacy
Dorothy Stafford
Phil and Sheila Stalp
Barrett Stambler and Bobbie Regan
Jack and Bernadette Stang
Robert Stanton and Mary Pence
Harold Stauffer, Ed.D.
Michael Stebbins, Sr. and Mary Stebbins
Ronald and Julie Steele
Laura Steffen
Nancy Stein
George and Monica Stein
Thomas and Eileen Stein
James and Janet Steiner
Matt and Janet Steinkamp
Michael and Chris Stepovich
Marjorie Stevens
Stephanie Stevens
Hawley Stevens, Jr. and Valerie Stevens
Melissa Stewart
Sarah Stewart
Robert Stiles
Jon and Holly Stocking
Kenneth and Dawn Stone
Gordon and Darlene Story10
Julia Strang
Craig Stratton and Rebecca Staight-Stratton
Jim Straughan
Jill Streit
Timothy and Jolane Stroh
Jamie Strohecker12
Carolyn Strong14
Bruce and Molly Studer
Alan and Maureen StuyvesantP
Michael and Maria Sucher
Robert and Catherine Suda
Helen Sullivan
Donna Sullivan
Donn Sullivan
Gordon and Harriett Sully
Gregory SundbergP
Anne Sundberg Diaz
Lisa Supinski
Tony and Betty Supinski
Earl and Nancy Sutherland
Roger and Gale SwansonP
Craig and Vera Swanson
Robert Swartout, Jr. and Agatha Swartout14
William Swettman, Jr.
Henry Swigert
Frank and Sharen Sylva
Dr. Walter SymonsP
Michael and Valerie Szody
Melvyn and Mara Tabata
Richard Taguchi
Larry and Dee TalbottP
Dennis and Nancy Tamosan
James and Deborah Tanasse
Stephen Tanner and J. Ely
Jess and Elena Tate
Robert and Beatrice Tate
Robert and Verna Tavares
Garrett and Marjorie Taylor
Jay and Dena Taylor
Paul Taylor
Paul and Sheree Taylor
William Taylor
Jeffrey and Donna Teach
Bradford Telyea, Jr. and Peggy Telyea
Cindy Tennant
Allen Tenuta and Debra Stadler
Betty Terry
Peter Thacker, Ed.D. and Lynn Taylor
Gregory and Patricia Thede
Todd and Donna Thiel
Wayne and Ellen Thivierge
Ronald and Marcia Thom
Greg Thomas and Martha McMurryP
Chris and Sarah ThomasP
Thomas and Patricia Thomas
Daniel and Julie Thomas
Kenneth Thomas
Jenna Thompson
Earl and Catherine ThompsonP
Dan and Coleen Thompson
Melissa Thongtan12
Charles and Mary Thornton
Douglas and Sharon Throckmorton
Naomi Thrower
Leila-Kay Tickner
Larry and Marguerite Tiemann
John and Ann TimmP
Keith Tokumoto
David and Lorna Tokuyoshi
Kathryn Tomas
Rory and Nancy Tominaga
Paula Toney
Darwin and Teresa Tong
Bradley and JoAnn Tongue
Jim Tooley
Sheilah Toomey
Jeanie Toscano
Istvan and Rosa Toth
Gary and Joan Townsend
David Tozer, II and Linda Tozer
Tim and Patti Trabon
Jane Trafficanda
Sheryl Trainor
Khang Tran and Anh Lam
Vuong and Jennifer Tran
David Trent
Stephen and Nila Treston
Steve Trimble
Donald TrioloP
Mark Triolo
Cheryl Trittipo
Thomas and Debra Troy
Danny Truong and Catherine Van
Robert and Elizabeth TsaoP
Graeme and Kerry Tuck
Sue Turnbull
Fredrick and Patricia Turner
Kenneth and Bonnie Little
Richard and Gail Tyson
David and Barbara Uberuaga
Dean and Joy Uchida
Glen and Kim Ueno
Mahea Ueshiro
Harry and Marla Uhles
Nancy Usher
Craig and Kendra Vaage
Eloise Van Lom
Ronald and Catherine Vanausdoll
Eldwyn and Bonita VanBruggen
Richard VanCleave and Deborah Jepsen
Annette VanDaam
Tom VanDeGrift and Tammy VanDeGrift, Ph.D.P
Kenneth Vanderkamp
Donald and Margaret Vanderkar
John and Camille Vandermeulen
Philip and Renee Varce
Gale and Karen Varner
Vivian Vasquez
Jim and Wendy Vecchiarelli
Edilberto and Ruth Veniegas
Fred Ventura, II and Donna Ventura
Diann Verdugo
Carmelo Vernale
Nick and Carolyn Verwolf
Conrad and Mary Vigo
Ralph and Norma Villanucci
Fernando Villicana and Rosaura Ortega
Kent and Susan Vincent
Diane Vines, RN, Ph.D.
Ken and Malida Vitaya-UdomP
Charles and Carol Vitellaro
Donald Vliet
Kris and Nancy Voelckers
Joseph and Janet Vogel
Mike and Alice Volechenisky
Martha Wachsmuth12
Ken Wachter, P.C.
Paul Wack, Ph.D. and Mary Ellen+ WackH
Dennis and Virginia Wade
Norman and Betty Wade
Jacqueline Waggoner, Ed.D.
Mike and Carolyn Wagner
Patricia Walcyk
Bob and Diane WaldoP
Michael and Glori Walker
Jeffrey and Barbara Wallin
Rick and Linda Walsh
Kevin and Catherine Walsh
Michael and Jenny Walsh
Phuntsok Wangyal and Dolma Tsering
Brian and Lynn Wanless
Carol Ward
Brian Wardlaw and Maggie Calaba-Wardlaw
Robert and Patricia Warmack
Darrick Warner and Marcia Scott-Warner
Robert and Donise Warsaw
Matthew Warshawsky, Ph.D. and Theresa Burks
Steve and Cynthia Washburn
Phil and Rose Waterford
Steve Waters and Michelle Filler
Betty Waters
James and Debra Waters
Edward Watkins
Peter Watson
Joanne Watt
Steve Watt
Robert and Jennifer Weaver
John Weddle
Graham Weeks and Dr. Patricia Weeks
Daniel and Betty Wegman
Dwain WegnerP
Thomas Wegs
David and Tory Weichman
Kenneth and Barbara Weinbaum
Dan and Mary Kay Weinmeister
Tom and Jeanette Wellman
Thomas and Connie Wellner
Gail Wells
Diane Werner
Cynthia Werthmuller
Ann West
Wendy West
Edward and Lenora Westbrook
Larry and Stephanie Westermeyer
Bruce and Margaret Wetter
Ben and Bonnie Weyhing
Judith Whalen
Leslie Wheeler
Dale and Jeri Wheeler
Dr. Charles White
Bryan and Denise White
Ronald and Jill White
Matthew and Patricia Whitfield
Michael and Barbara Wieland
Dr. Harry and Rebecca Wiessner
Teresa Wight
Craig Wiland
George and Mary Wilber
Kenneth and Pat Wilcox14
Robert Wilhite
Ruth Wilkins
Denzil and Mara Williams18
Lawrence and Ellen Williams
Kevin and Sandra Williams
Steven and Lisa Williams
Christopher and Teresa Williams
Nancy Williams
Barry and Beth Williamson
Walter Williamson
John and Kathleen Wilson
Tracy and Lynda Wilson
Margaret Wilson, M.D.
Judith Winegar
Carl and Mary Wingate
Ted and Sheila WinnowskiP,16
John and Susan Winter
Brian and Julie Winters
Larry and Nancy Wissbaum
Bob and Bridget Bannan-Wodnik
Ron and Dottie Woldrich27
Bruce and Vicki Wollam
Rebekah Wolman
James and Cindy Wong
Young and Lily Wong
Dr. David Bartkus and Carolyn Woo
Matthew and Joni Wood
Ed Wood
James Wood
Dr. Timothy and Evelyn Woodward
James Worlein and Shelley Buhler
Glenn and Nancy Worthington
Victor and Nancy Wright
Jerry and Linda Wright
Wilfred Wu and Cecilia Lin
Dr. Joe and Donna WujekP
Len Wyatt and Ana Rivero
Matthew and Sharon Yamamoto
Aaron and Allison Yasui
Jerome and Elizabeth Yatteau
Richard and Debora Yeabsley
James and Carol Yeager
Gail Yeager
Bryan and Robin Yim
Katsuyoshi and Beatrice Yoshioka
Vernon and Dawn Young
Bret and Sue Young
Cyril and Marla Young
Rob Young
Joyce Young
Barbara Young
Kelly Youngberg
Debbie Zable
Elana Zaiman
Dr. Francis Zeck, Jr. and Dian Zeck10
Kenneth and Marcia Zegar
Jose and Lilletty Zegerra
Kevin Zelenak
George and Lori Zelenak
Katherine Zelko
Al and Amy Zimmerer
David and Nancy Zopf13

A. J. Frank Family Foundation
A.J. Colasurdo, DDS
AAA Oregon/Idaho
Accenture Foundation, Inc.
Adobe Matching Gift Program
Advanced Metal & Wire Products
Albuquerque Academy
Alcoa Foundation
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation
Alexander Rubber Products
Allen Lund Company, Inc.
Alvarado Podiatry Center
American Chemical Society
American Legion Auxiliary
American University of Beirut
Amica Companies Foundation
Archdiocese of Portland
Argonaut Group, Inc.
Arizona Foundation for Educational Advancement
Asao Kamel, M.D.
Ashford Holdings, Inc.
ASM International Oregon Chapter
AT&T Foundation
AXA Foundation
B.P., Lester and Regina John Foundation
Baarts Bros. Enterprises Ltd.
Bank of America Foundation
Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Inc.
Beaverton Toyota Co., Inc.
Bechtel Foundation
Becker Capital Management, Inc.
Belmont Electrology
Berchtold Foundation
Bernard Information Systems, Inc.
Black & Veatch Corporation
Blackfish Creative
Block Electric Foundation
Blount, Inc.
Blue Mountain Chiropractic Health Center, Inc.
Bob Hilger Consultants
Bodyoga LLC
Bon Appetit Management Company
BP Foundation, Inc.
Bristol Meyers Squibb Foundation
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation
Byrd & Sons Construction
C. Bleeg Motors
Caterpillar Foundation
Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc.
CFA Society of Portland
Chevron Matching Gifts
Chiles Foundation
Christmas Cottage
Cisco Systems
Classic Sash & Door Co.
Coastal Health Practitioners
Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc.
ConocoPhillips Company
Consolidated Landscape Maintainance, Inc.
Consumer Cellular
Con-Way, Inc.
Corporate Express
Council on Social Work Education
Danny's Auto Repair, LLC
Daughters of the American Revolution, Mt. Hood Chapter
De La Salle Institute
Delta Air Lines Foundation
Development Services Group
Donn B Wassom, State Farm Insurance
Douglass, Paulson & Lessard CPAs, PC
Dow Corning Foundation
Earl B. Gilmore Foundation
Electrolysis Clinic of Portland
ESCO Corporation
Eton Lane Foundation
Excel Brokerage
ExxonMobil Foundation
First Independent
Five Colleges, Incorporated
FLIR Systems, Inc.
Florida Power & Light Group Foundation
Forest Heights Homeowners Association
Frank F. Mooney, Certified Public Accountant
Frank R. Skiba, D.D.S.
G.A. Jones & Associates Inc.
Gabriel Capital, LLC
Gap Foundation Matching Gift Program
Geffen Mesher & Company, P.C.
Genentech Employee Giving Program
General Electric Foundation
General Mills Foundation
Gerald Alan Harper, DDS, PC
Glorianne D. Walker, DMD, PLLC
Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
Graphic Packaging International
Gunderson Tire Center, Inc.
Hanna Realty
Harland Financial Solutions, Inc.
Harry & Dorothy Murphy Foundation
Harry A. Merlo Foundation, Inc.
Harry Wiessner, OD
Hays Association Management Company
Health, Humor, & Hospitals, Inc.
Helene Fuld Health Trust
Heller Homes, Inc.
Henningsen Cold Storage Company
His Image Photography
Honda Auto Center of Bellevue
Honolulu Warehouse Co., Ltd.
HSBC - North America Matching Gift Program
Hurst Family Dental Center
IAC Foundation, Inc.
IBM Matching Grants Program
Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Intel Foundation
Interface Engineering, Inc.
J F Will Company, Inc.
Japajag Foundation
JDL Development, Inc.
Jensen and Company
John G. Dupar, CPA
Joseph W. McGinley, CPA
Juan Young Trust
Judith Rauenhorst Mahoney Family Foundation
Kaleo's Landscaping & Tree Trimming
Kenneth E. Meyer Alumni Center
Kenneth Wachter P.C.
Kessi Construction, Inc.
Kingston Mail and Print
Kinsman Foundation
KPMG Foundation
Kraft Foundation
KU Endowment
KXL Radio
Lampros Steel
Landye Bennett Blumstein LLP
Law Offices of Kubota & Constantino
Linnea Osterberg, Photographer, Inc.
Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program
Louie Family Enterprises LLC
Lumina Foundation for Education
M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust
Macy's Foundation
Madrona Vineyards
Marine Conservation Action Fund
Markunas Consulting, LLC
Martin Schmidt & Sons
Mary K. McCarthy, M.D.
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
McAfee Matching Gift Program
Merrill Lynch & Co Foundation, Inc.
Meyer Memorial Trust
Michael P. Hosterman Associates, Inc.
Microsoft Matching Gift Co.
Miller Nash LLP
Morgan Stanley Matching Gifts Program
Moss Adams LLP
MSU College of Nursing
Mt Hood Chemical
Nancy L. Voelckers Certified Public Accountant
National Academy of Education
National Society of The Colonial Dames of America - Oregon
Nationwide Insurance Foundation
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Neil Kelly Company
New York Life Foundation
Newmont Mining Corporation
Nike Employee Charitable Giving Program
North Inc.
Northwest Neurosurgical Associates, LLC
Northwest Pipe Company
Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation
Nossa Familia Coffee
NW Star Academy, Inc.
NW Systems Integration
O'Donnell Clark & Crew LLP
Oliver Insurance
Oregon Community Foundation
Oregon Dental Association
Oregon Health & Science University Foundation
Oregon Independent College Foundation
Oregon Metal Slitters
Oregon SAE
Pacificorp Foundation
Pamplin Foundation
Parkrose Veterinary Clinic
Pedron Enterprises
Players Racquet Shop
Plum Creek Foundation
Portland General Electric Company
Priests of Holy Cross, Indiana Province, Inc.
Priests of Holy Cross in Oregon Providence St. Vincent Medical Foundation
R.V. Kuhns & Associates
Raymond S. Onchi, D.M.D.
Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education Program
Redding Cancer Treatment Center
Regence Employee Giving Campaign
Rite Menter Investments, Inc.
Rix Family Foundation
Roz Enterprises, Inc.
Sandpiper Landcare, Inc.
Shell Matching Gifts Program
Sherman Fairchild Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Siltronic Corporation
Silverton Hospital
Skinner Enterprises
Slender Arrow Publishing
Society for Information Management Portland Chapter
Soderstrom Architects, PC
Spacesaver Specialists, Inc.
SRDH Plumbing, Inc.
St. Genevieve Church
St. Martin de Porres Trust
Standard Insurance Matching Gift Company
State Farm Companies Foundation
Steam & Plumbing
Stephen Vincent Jewelers
Steven L. Busick, Attorney at Law
Strader Development Co.
Strand, Atkinson, Williams & York, Inc.
Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.
Sweet Bay Foundation
Tektronix Foundation
The Boeing Company
The Boeing Gift Matching Program
The Center for Men's & Women's Urology
The Coleman Foundation
The Collins Foundation
The Commerce Bank of Oregon
The Denver Foundation
The Fluor Foundation
The Harvey Hubbell Foundation
The Henry Luce Foundation, Inc.
The Merck Company Foundation
The Procter & Gamble Fund
The Regence Group
The Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving
The Shiley Foundation
The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
The Tennant Foundation
The Thales Group Tax & Wealth Management
The Twilight Room
The UPS Foundation, Inc.
The Xerox Foundation
Tilley Family Foundation
T-Mobile USA
Tom & Susan Bean, Inc.
TransCanada PipeLines Limited
Turner Construction Company
Tursi Soccer Supply
Twenty Third Avenue Market
Tyco Electronics Matching Gift Program
UBS Foundation USA Matching Gift Program
United Space Alliance
United Way - Santa Barbara County's
University of Notre Dame
University of Pittsburgh
US Bancorp Foundation
USA Funds
USI Northwest
Valley-High Company
Vanguard Group Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Watson Asphalt Paving Company, Inc.
Wellington Management Company, LLP Matching Gift Program
Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gift Program
Wentworth Foundation
Whitworth University
Williams Controls, Inc.
Zupan's Markets

Larcel T. Abendroth Trust
Joseph and Pearl E. Colatorti Family Trusts
Estate of Ona M. Emigh
Estate of Thomas F. Finlayson
Estate of Dexter R. Forbes
Harvey E. Gutman Trust
Estate of Albert B. Harding
Estate of Robert L Harris
Thomas H. and Velda Mae LaPierre Trust
Salvador and Oro Nero Trust
The Rosetta A. Riscoe Trust
Estate of Rev. Arthur M. Schoenfeldt, C.S.C.
George O. Wright Family Trust

William Barnes, Ph.D.
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Mark Ohlstrom, PE
T-Mobile USA
Stefan Tanouye