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“TOTLE in the Field” is a virtual reality environment designed to prepare teachers participating in TOTLE summer workshops for the field experiences that are part of the workshop.  It is also built to provide the teachers with a way to take something of that experience back to their classrooms.   Finally, it is a way of extending the TOTLE field experience to teachers and students around the planet.


As a simulated field environment, rather than “cooks tour” type virtual field trip, it is a on-line environment built to support inquiry-based science education.  This page contains links to a teachers guide and an activities page, in addition to a link to the environment itself.  The first of these, the teacher’s guide, was written to provide teachers with geologic background about the sites represented in the environment, information about the design and pedagogy of the environment, and activities that that can be done with it.  The activities page is a collection of questions and activities related to selected scenes within the environment.  By being on-line, each activity is directly linked to the scene with which it is associated.


“TOTLE in the Field” and the resources associated with it are evolving, which means that it is dependent on the feedback and contributions of the teachers and students using it.  Therefore if you create your own activities using the virtual environment, please send them to me (Frank Granshaw) at fgransha (at)  Remember to replace the (at) with a @ when you send me an email.



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